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  1. aww... that sucks.... but i can understand it it would stink having cameras in the house and people watching them all the time.... but aw... oh well its coming out on DVD! many episodes to watch! YAY!
  2. mmm....im not up for that thought! how could anyone bare eatting a "pet!" but yes,... is that like eating a baby cow asaposed to a big cow... puppy v. dog? BLAH! did u all know that cats pee glows under black light so if you cut one open then would it beam light?
  3. The two-foot long bird called a Kea that lives in New Zealand likes to eat the strips of rubber around car windows? mmm.... really?
  4. kick ass! im very impressed... im always full of exciting insperations?! i got lots of fun questions...!! like y did someone call swimming costume "TOGS"? meh?
  5. WHOS GONNA BE THERE?!?!?!??!?!?! drew and i are? anyone else? mid to late jan!
  6. deeb's that would be cool but..... if you were controling from above water you couldnt see what it was doing if it were in the merky depths of the lake! or the pool! hehehe i reckon it would be fun to have one and have a water proof controller that u cna go swiming with it!
  7. its a simple question of y is a duck? and also y dosnt a ducks quck echo....?? mmm....?? and y do they call a drive way a drive way when you park in it? and y do they call a park way a park way when you drive on it? mmmm...??
  8. REALLY? has anyone seen it? dose it really work? oh... is it different for different breads of dogs? DO different breads of dogs speak different languages like humans???? huh huh huh ?? theres a thinker Deeb's!
  9. unless drew is hiding something then AUSsiE....! drew...(snowboard_freak)
  10. dont do it man.... if you axe yourself u could miss out on the rest of the season in pain... hold off the want and think for the future!
  11. im all up for team games cricket is an all time AUSSIE backyard game! i like cricket but softball kicks its ass... im pretty proud of the aussie cricketers hey! worlds best! and yes mark waughs thats not very nice but hes ova for internationals now...... hes had a good 14 years but... !
  12. ok so whats with people inventing the gay "cob web!" what was wrong with the SPIDER Web.... its like saying umm.. i donno instead of a "wombat tunnel" its a "cob tunnel" got nothing to do with anything in my eyes
  13. GIRLY high SQUeaky Voices.... on a MAN OR A LADY???????? my thoughts on a chick anoying very anoying but i donno a butch man voice on a chick an often be just as bad... on a guy... well just makes you think that hes not very straight at all....? or just a high talker (SEINFIELD!)
  14. ok but did u know a ducks "quack" dosent echo and no one knows y? mmm... fact!
  15. dogs think but they dont have a language that we know off...?? theres a thought... so if a dog woofs whats tha mean to another dog? Woof (im a springer spaniel) Yap Yap (im a little rat dog) meh... passing thought
  16. what about tobogining????? u know what i mean... "ta-bog-in-ing" i would ski i'd be getting out my plastic tabogin and getting down the mountian on that! or a rubber tube!!
  17. colds... and flus.... but the good things, hot chocolate and popcorn!
  18. so whats with drying meat hey? the only dryed things i have every eaten is oh dried apple and dried banana... i c dried fruit is slightly normal to me but dried meat and also dried bugs and things...? meh i dont get it!
  19. ok so whats the differance? its been bothering me since halloween... spiders make spiderwebs ... yes? then y do they call them Cobwebs? mmm... anyone for a logical answer? Cheers Dudes and dudettes!
  20. deeb's im with u on that hey! i mean the sushi trains here have everything in plastic containers but i can even think of eating sushi, i mean i say i will try in when we go to japan cause i think i should but.... i dont like seaweed... BLAH and rice... dude whats with rice... do ya chew it do ya just swallow it whole i donno im not a fan thats 4 sure... and i donno what about the stuff inside.... meh,.. me no sushi girl!!
  21. but the thing is there inst anything to get hes just a dude thats had enuff acid tabs to have had one every day for like 6 years.... how can u get a guy like that? i figure u dont! hes a KACK! check out this osbournes site.. http://www.mtv.co.uk/mtv.co.uk/en/dynamo/the_osbournes/microsite.htm
  22. ur all forgetting then uniquness of the NGC! how can u resist those cute little discs! and those controllers! they are the only company that produces funky coloured stuff! i mean check out the bright orange controllers... i reakon then NGC is good cause its the smallest outta all of them!!
  23. dude = boy/man. dudette = girl/lady ezzy peezzzy!
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