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  1. You should see the wife, mate. She's more like "The Best Japanese Ski Girl I Ever Saw"
  2. Our best day of the last season was in Nozawa Onsen on a Tuesday in February. We stayed at a trad ryokan, really elegant place, the snow was fantastic (30cm overnight), the sun was shining and the resort was almost empty. Magic.
  3. I'm new to this website, but have been in Japan for about 14 years now. The Skiing Experience back then was mostly waiting for lifts and looking cool (highly debatable), it's nice to be able to ski without the huge crowds now. Although some of the excitement that was around then seems to have disappeared from the scene here.
  4. Hi. Just wondering if any of you people here buy season passes to any resorts in winter?
  5. I read this with interest, as myself and family have always been struck at how talkative and friendly people are when we take a gondola or lift here in Japan. Maybe it's coz of our child, but we almost always get to talk with friendly Japanese people on the rides.
  6. We have a 7 year old attending an elem school on the outskirts of Tokyo, there is 1 other half there, and there are no problems. He loves school and has lots of Japanese buddies.
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