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  1. Nice one, especially your token "bez" guy, an essential accessory of course!
  2. Isn't it a tad early to start thinking about this. OK, I have thought about it. I am having a great season this year, but next year will be better. There you go.
  3. I'm with miteyak on this one. Japan does get a bad image on prices. Some things are ridiculously exp, yeah, but you can find ways to live fairly inexpensively if you have a brain.
  4. Read in a few places on this site and elsewhere about nightmare queues on the slopes here, like waiting an hour or so to get on a 300 meter lift and things like that. I have only been here since last season, been to really popular places and have never had to wait more than a few mins for a lift even on weekends. Whats the deal? Anyone been round long enough to experience the height of the ski boom and those dreadful queues.....how bad was it? Would be interesting to hear just how much it has changed.
  5. From home most of the time now. Like someone else mentioned, got ADSL now so am able to spend time posting from now on and not worry about phone bills. Can't use from work unfortunately.
  6. This season I have seen almost no patrol at the 6 resorts I have been to, namely -Naeba -Kagura -Happo -Hakuba 47 -ARAI -Suginohara Seem to be very few around from where I was.
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