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  1. What sort of slope is "doable" on a bike realistically? Going up, not down, of course.
  2. I have seen the "doing a Spurs" mentioned on a few sites as well. Seems like the phrase has taken hold!
  3. The Accused Quite old now, but still quite unsettling.
  4. Keeper change thing. Very clever on so many levels. Didn't know much about this kantoku, but I'd rather he not be on the way to United!
  5. I want us to get past this Suzarez episode as quickly as possible and move on.
  6. I think people who were 100% into their job with it totally consuming their life find it more difficult to adjust. (Tubby, be careful there!) The key is to have something you that you love doing and do lots of it, and keep active. Sounds like a mad/good "problem" to have. My parents too are both still active, even if less mobile than they used to be. Money aside, the idea of working hard until I'm 70 65 60 is......... less than appealing!
  7. Punishment for the kids of something, is all I can think of!
  8. Oh yeah I totally understand the money thing... just saying that me personally, I try to ignore it. As with many things in life, if you pay more money you generally expect to get better things. Ne.
  9. Friend just sent this on It's contageous!
  10. Yes I think they did. And their fans are pretty vocal and kibishii by all accounts. He wouldn't be chickening out taking a simple option by going there. Anyway, they say they would prefer a German manager and he approached them!
  11. Good question that, I was wondering too.
  12. I haven't been watching all the games, but how have Brazil been? Don't seem to have come up with particularly exciting results and reports...
  13. Losing balance. Yes, I can see that.
  14. Why? The dude bit him. It may not have been deep but it's a very clear crime. From what I saw, which was not all of it I admit, looks like he could easily have made more of it.
  15. Mad cash according to the "newspapers", but still if it's over 10 years and he's a top signing... Rio was a record signing wasn't he, United got their worth out of him. I try to ignore all the cash stuff now. What do we know. Apart from the fact that most of it is bullshit, and agreements are complex and not just a cash payout, I'm just interested in the footie.
  16. I think Liverpool might just have had enough. And if he's out of 1/4 of the season.... get massive chunks of dough and spend on someone else. A risk but, he's a risk. If he just wasn't so bloody good.
  17. I thought that was like a bikini-clad model. Though I may be wrong. Topless? She doesn't look like she would be somehow, seems more classy than that from what I have seen. I just hate the thinking this bloke and his bretheren has though. It's infuriating.
  18. Madness. Back to the footie though, Columbia are looking good indeed. And they didn't play with their strongest against Japan. Japan were predictably impotent.
  19. That's the thing isn't it, people are expecting more. Big question as to whether Suarez will stay lots of gossip now. I suppose there was always going to be this summer.
  20. Full list! 16/08/2014 15:00 Arsenal v Crystal Palace 16/08/2014 15:00 Burnley v Chelsea 16/08/2014 15:00 Leicester City v Everton 16/08/2014 15:00 Liverpool v Southampton 16/08/2014 15:00 Manchester United v Swansea City 16/08/2014 15:00 Newcastle United v Manchester City 16/08/2014 15:00 Queens Park Rangers v Hull City 16/08/2014 15:00 Stoke City v Aston Villa 16/08/2014 15:00 West Bromwich Albion v Sunderland 16/08/2014 15:00 West Ham United v Tottenham Hotspur 23/08/2014 15:00 Aston Villa v Newcastle United 23/08/2014 15:00 Chelsea v Leicester City 23/08/2014 15:00 Crystal P
  21. And yet more proof! Forget sharks: It's beavers that are truly terrifying. A fisherman in Belarus was bitten to death by one, and all he was doing was trying to take its picture, Sky News reports. The man spotted the beaver while fishing with friends at Lake Shestakov, but as he approached to take a photograph, the beaver bit him on the thigh. The animal managed to sever an artery, and his friends couldn't stop the blood flow. Sky News helpfully reminds us that beavers can, of course, bite through trees. Beaver attacks are rare, though, and when they do occur, rabid beavers are generally
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