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  1. You know, I really dig this site, and not just because of all of you hip folk on the forum. They really put together a good web page of info. Now that it's off season and they presumably have less to do (yeah, I know there's an all-around outdoorsey site, but anyway...), I think they should put it all down in a ski guide book. You know, like Mapple and its ilk, but in English and cooler. (You know how Japanese reviewers never dis anything.) T.R. Reid made a good first go at this back in '94, and I applaud his efforts, but it's rather dated and incomplete now. I'd buy one, who else wo
  2. We had free tickets, otherwise I would have demanded our money back. Hated it. Had a couple interesting ideas, but my goodness, what drivel. AI has feelings too -- oh, that's a new one!
  3. Someone asked about Kyushu - Miyazaki is a really nice town down there. It's also the only place I've been in Kyushu, but it gave me a rather favourable impression of the island. Picture a Victoria, Canada with palm trees. It's quiet, mellow, has lots of flowers and greenery and even some good surfing within a half-hour's drive. Very pleasant. I wouldn't mind living there if there was any work to be had and one didn't have to catch a plane every time one wanted to ski. When my life frustrates me, I dream of quitting Tokyo for a stress-free English teaching post in Naha or Sapporo
  4. "Death to mugls" sounds like something a fallen wizard in H. Potter might say... I'm a skiier and I love mugls. But I sure suck at them. Someday I want to ride them just like that "one semi-cute tart who couldn't even win a medal" who blew down them in the Olympics. Agree that they aren't much fun when they just form all over the place towards the end of the day on what should be a smooth-sailing run - especially because it's getting crowded with tired folk who just want to go home. That's when I'm grateful to you disgruntled boarders who like to plow them down.
  5. I've heard good things about Kai. I went to ECC, but they don't do Japanese lessons anymore. The more intensive/longer term a course you do, the cheaper it is. And the better you get. OK, so that's obvious. What I really want to say is that MY JAPANESE IS REALLY FREAKIN' GOOD CUZ I STUDIED MY BRAINS OUT. I'm a lot happier for it, and I can't recommend enough taking an intensive daily course for 6 months or more with a bunch of non-English speakers. Ganbare!!!
  6. Have lived in Shinjuku for 10 years - Still fresh!
  7. Quote: Originally posted by Ocean11: There's nothing harmfully discriminatory about the word 'foreigner' itself. But if you make a point of raising somebody's foreigness where it's not necessary, or relevant, then it becomes discriminatory. Same with any of the alternatives floated here. "Hey Chief, there's a foreigner/gaijin/non-Japanese/wigger got a problem here!" Exactly! But what brit-gob said: "Yeah, and I really like it when gaijin use the word as a derog word towards other gaijin," well, I must admit, I've done that... Bad aiki boy, bad!
  8. When you work like a salaryman it bites. When you get paid that salaryman bonus it's great. When you chase after all the girls it's also great. When you marry one, it's even better! So...skiing with your wife after bonus day is top of the tops. How's the weather looking this weekend?
  9. The season sucked for me, but that's just because I only made it up for 2 measly day trips. Just thought I'd gripe to someone other than my wife for a change. Thanks for listening!
  10. Peaker got it right, the skiier vs boarder thing is definitely old... until some jerk on the other type from you cuts you off!
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