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  1. In previous seasons in my experience, no....same price. Apart from maybe the last day or week or something. But it might be interesting to see some resorts actually being dynamic and offering lower prices to get people to go.
  2. Would be interesting to know. There havent been any new resorts as far as I know recently, but it'd be interesting to know how long these places have been open, in one form or another. My friend goes to Yuzawa a lot and told me that Iwappara is the oldest there and been going for over 50 years. Anyone know more about other resorts. Thanks Robert
  3. We were at Manza onsen recently and it was really empty, we almost had the courses to ourselves. Which is nothing to complain about, though it would be interesting to know how "healthy" some of these companies are right now.
  4. Our family are all skiers. Am interested in trying out snowboarding though, looks fun (well the people who can stay upright on it anyway, not too keen on the "sitters"!)
  5. I stayed at the Manza Onsen Prince last week and also had a good time. The staff were helpful and there seemed to be good facilities all round for skiers and boarders. We had no problems
  6. Going up north to Akita Tazawako this weekend. Bye!
  7. I grudgingly agree with the people who are saying that it's the resorts business and they are entitled to do what they want. I also know someone who is in the marketing section of a fairly well known resort in Nagano - and they are hurting in a bad way. So it would be interesting to know who these resorts are that are making huge big fat profits. I am pretty sure that there are very few resorts who can currently say they are in that situation.
  8. I don't know about last weekend, but take a look at the camera at GALA (on this site, daily section). They have 1 of the main lifts closed - that must be because there aren't enough skiers/boarders to justify running both of them, so only operating one. That just goes to show how unbusy they are. Even weekends probably aren't too busy. SWEET!
  9. I have been to Furano / Sahoro and Shiga Kogen this season so far and not many people at all at either. Very uncrowded. Not a complaint. But the resorts must be hurting....
  10. Well done. Looking forward to all the winter news and updates.
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