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  1. Anyone tried out Gassan, thats the place that is open til the end of July. I think it only opens in April or something crazy like that.....
  2. Wow, interesting. Wonder how these numbers compare with this year......
  3. I think I am missing something here. What are you lot talking about?!?!?
  4. Not disagreeing with that, Ocean11. I am enjoying the Olympics, just bringing up the point of the tasteless display for discussion. Have a good one.
  5. A rather predictable - let's go the other way post. I am opening up "debate" on this here winter sports forum of people with an "international" outlook. Obviously not all. So why do you always feel the need to respond? Isn't it you who is doing the griping? I was just bringing up the subject hopefully for intelligent discussion. Alas....
  6. Agreed on that ivo - nothing wrong with painting faces, etc supporting your country team. As you so rightly pointed out, that is not the point being brought up here. But doggy-style is never going to be able to see that, ivo, so there you go! And I am enjoying the Olympics, as I am sure you are too, ivo, yeah? Again, not the point here.
  7. Actually having to "work" today, so lots of time free. Sorry, Huh?, don't want to party with you. Try someone else.
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