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  1. Now that was bound to get a response, wasn't it? I just meant that Niseko is over-hyped to a point where reality goes out the window. I am sure some people go there and, even though they enjoy it, may well be disappointed due to the build up it seems to get everywhere. That's all.
  2. Me too, same as Matt. Well worth it. I went about 30 days this last season.
  3. Lose a lot of ticket sales, but save a lot on staff costs. Thats if they can get rid of the staff without problems
  4. I reckon it will pretty much stay the same as it is now, although new young people taking up the sport are probably more likely to take up the board - right now - than they are skis. That would change of course if the "fad" changed.
  5. I would love to live somewhere like that, but theres always compromises. The city is too much fun.
  6. erm, no - but not really interested in that. i like watching them come down the slopes.
  7. You will find that the majority will survive somehow....backing from larger organisations, some mergers ? - lets hope so
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