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  1. Noz rules. Even if the snow wasn't perfect, last weekend was cool. Wasn't able to "hook up" with Ocean either. Heard he's pig ugly anyway
  2. Hey, it would seem to be a good idea to give at least an IDEA that it might have been written in humor? Don't you think Ocean?
  3. Just wanted to start a thread showing appreciation for this site. I could not survive winter (a day!) without checking it our and it's pretty excellent all round. How on earth do they keep this going - and all these great giveaways are sweet. Just wanted to write that down. Do all you other people feel the same? MANY thanks SJG. "Rad" Rach [This message has been edited by rach (edited 28 January 2002).]
  4. I kind of thought you were ok before that comment mogski. Your comment is just so naff it doesn't deserve the response it got from SJG. Unless it WAS a joke, in which case I still do - but mark your jokes a bit better will ya?!
  5. hi yeah kobe is the base - thats why I always have to take 3-4 days off at least to make it all worthwhile. this week nozawa, in nagano city tonight and on to hakuba tomorrow. phew! must go - see ya
  6. Hi there. Rad rach here. Sorry I couldn't reply before the weekend - but I was up there in Nozawa today....saw quite a few gaijin up there too. Maybe next time hey.
  7. The 4 season 5 season argument is a bit rad isn't it? I like the way it's always us and them
  8. Hey looks like I have competition. But I am the more rad, aren't I ocean?
  9. I have been out there about 20 times now this season. Rad or what? (That ones for you Ocean). Off to Nozawa this weekend, but a bit worried about the weather. Oh well!
  10. Not sure Ocean...can I call you Ocean? You know any beautiful sultry Rachaels from west London? I'm off for the weekend, see ya Monday.
  11. I will take that as an affectionatly made comment Ocean11.......was a bit naff now I read it again.
  12. Thanks for that....interesting. One of those places I would never have known about. Why don't you post that review in the REVIEWS section of this site gti - many people won't get to see it hidden away here. The link is http://www.skijapanguide.com/2002/reviews/readrereview1.php cheerz
  13. Niseko will win that one, but not by miles. It's just a hassle getting there
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