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  1. gti

    The most ridiculous question

    ...Mboy, sheesh...you're such a kiwihead
  2. ...just 3 times so far " title="" src="graemlins/cry.gif" />
  3. gti

    The best snow ever

    Kintaro, have only been to Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole in WY. GT isnt actually that big of a resort, area-wise, and from what I recall seemed relatively tame. it seemed to be more a local area but the snow that day was out of this world.. aside from areas in Europe that are linked, etc, you're not going to find many places w/ the magnitude of terrain and the mountain itself at Jackson Hole. the place is huge. We went when it was a bad snow yr and almost half the area was closed..didn't get to ski down the whole left, bottom side though what was open was a lot of fun. you lay tracks where you want. everything is basically off piste. Definitely hope to return some day. Maybe others can provide insight into other areas in WY...
  4. gti

    The best snow ever

    Grand Targhee Wyoming, after an overnight dump of the lightest, coldest dry stuff I'd ever - and to this day, still - ever experienced. We were up at Jackson Hole for a few days and just decided to check out Grand Targhee for that one day. What a day it turned out to be... Have not made it to Hokkaido yet though either. am itchin to go.
  5. haven't seen Prophecy but shaky coming down steeps?? hontodesuka?
  6. ..yankee ('yunkee-poi') seems to describe people closer to the gutter than the rest of the population here, though the nuance may be a bit off.
  7. an oji san?? you're still a pup, Serre. It sounds like you just happened upon a really bad movie.. don't know if you'd be able to find a copy anywhere, but keep an eye out for Aaahhs, released, either in the late 80s or early 90s. Greg Stump was the filmaker. a true classic. Peace.
  8. Scary stuff, avis. ..the Blizzard of Aaahhs, a GREAT movie!!...Went and saw Touching the Void last weekend. I shXX you not, a must see movie. They shot on location, parts of it anyway, around Chamonix… I’ve always liked suspense-thriller flicks. Having mother nature as the source puts new meaning into the genre of film...Haven’t seen a good flick like that in quite some time.. Ran into Plake skiing at Kirkwood about 15yrs ago. Cool guy. Was skiing down the Wall when I noticed a few – at the time, thought they were pretty damn awesome – dudes just taking HUMUNGOUS air off the top of the huge cornis along the ridge to the right. turns out they were warming up for a shoot. I came down one run and Plake, takin a breather, said something to the effect, hey man, we’re going to be shooting and so ll be closing this area off, or something like that. Thought, cool..so such was my brush w/ a ski legend..Scott Schmidt also used to make in person appearances at ski movie screenings, etc. A real low key, down to earth, real cool guy.…I’m dating myself, but still think Scott Schmidt is and has always been one of the BEST, true, pure, smoothassmXXaXXXXin SKIERs of all time, here on this planet. He is one smooth skier. ..all this really doesn’t have a lot to do w/ avis and sort of went off on my own tangent - sumimasen - but noticed an article on CNN: http://edition.cnn.com/2005/US/02/16/extreme.skier.death.ap/index.html Rip, Alec.
  9. What sort of training / licensing is required to patrol here in Japan, Patrol?
  10. wannamakitupferatleast1daybutdunnoifimgonnabable2.wishmeluck.
  11. http://www.sacbee.com/content/news/story/12274411p-13138471c.html
  12. gti

    earth tremmor!

    minor quakes have been hitting northern CA since Sunday morning over there (Sunday night over here). http://www.sacbee.com/state_wire/story/6735774p-7686930c.html The quakes that hit San Jose (3:01am, Monday and aftershocks), would have been just after the quake up in Tohoku. ..eery. Has anyone else noticed a rash of quakes it seems everywhere?


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