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  1. Hi terje hakonsen is the best boarder I have ever seen. No doubt. But the only thing that couts is Powder. Powder snow is the only thing I want this season. Powder,Powder, Powder. Sean
  2. Hi, new vid on Hakuba Powder, check it out, let me know what you think. http://homepage.mac.com/trioproductions/Menu1.html This season I'm off to Hokkaido for 2 weeks. Lets compare the powder. Sean
  3. Check out snowbedsjapan.com or you can sleep on the floor at the Onsen at Ecoland for 600 yen a night.
  4. All the shots were at Hakuba 47 and Happone, but I'm going to Shiga, Nozawa,Kijimadaeira and Zao this season to build on it. I'm off to Nozawa on Sunday for 3 days, is anybody going to be in Nozawa on sunday Jan 27th.
  5. For all those lucky people that have been to both Hakuba and Niseko, which do you think is better and why? Some of the basic arguments for Niseko is that it gets a lot more powder, However Hakuba is steep an narly. What do you think?
  6. Hi people, I put together a small vid that you can view at, http://homepage.mac.com/trioproductions/ let me know what you think. Sean.
  7. Hi people. I'm going to Zao early February and would like to hook up with a guide or some locals to get some back country skiing in. Can any body recommend someone? Where going there for 3 days to shoot photos and a video and could really use some help. You can check out our short vid and photos at http://homepage.mac.com/trioproductions/ Where also heading to Shiga, Nozawa and Kijimadaeira. Thanks Sean.
  8. I'm driving to Happo on January 15th, Tuesday morning from Tokyo. Anybody need a lift? I have room in my van for 2 more people. Email seando1@hotmail.com.
  9. Hi everyone, Trio Productions is looking for 2 really good riders to film for one month between January 14th to February 24th. Most trips will be in Hakuba but we also plan to go to 2-3 other major resorts. We will pay some of your expenses, please email me for more info Sean.
  10. Hi Belle, This winter I will be doing a lot of trips between Tokyo and Hakuba, in January and February, by car. I'm looking for someone to share the expenses. I'll give you more specific dates later if your interested. Sean Quote: Originally posted by belle: hi all. i converted from skiing to boarding last year, had a pretty good first boarding season... but my boarding friends have all kissed japan goodbye and buggered off home. i'm an australian gal based in tokyo, seeking new friends to board with in nagano/niigata this season, with a possible trip to hokkaido in jan/feb. any
  11. I'm making a snowboarding video in Hakuba and a few other ski resorts on Honshu this winter, I`m looking for 2 really good boarders to tour with me this winter for a month and be filmed, TRIO Productions will pay some of your expenses. Interested? Please email seando1@hotmail.com Sean
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