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  1. Loads of things. But of course the snow is different here, so that must be the biggest difference! Haha
  2. Hakuba. Superb selection, good runs, good snow, easy to get to. Easy. Niseko is just a great place to go to with the famous "niseko powder" but where is the choice?
  3. Snapper, know what you mean about Sugadaira - it is average at best. You were working there?
  4. Funny looking how desperate and doom-laden we (people?) were just a few weeks back, hey?
  5. Niseko, Zao, Cortina (when you can go backcountry), Kagura (sentimental reasons)
  6. There is probably a new version out by now, but last season my mates were playing a game called Extreme Racing SSX on the PS2....it was awesome and really recommeneded for gaming boarders.
  7. I have always had great experiences at Nozawa. The whole place is just great. I usually ski when I go there (rather than taking the board out for a ride). Highly recommended.
  8. May be one of a kind it seems by looking at that other "skier"/"boarder" thread, but I do both - depending on the weather conditions and my mood. Anyone else, or is it much an either or for most people? Good to see this forum getting busy again after the new year...all the best to you all Todge
  9. I may well be one of a kind by the looks of things, but I both ski and board. Love em both.
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