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  1. Favorite run. Too many to mention. But while we are here, my fav from last week was the top run at Kagura (main part)....great stuff, not many people, superb snow
  2. You will find that as long as you are being good (ie not out of bounds or pricking about), ask the patrol and they will usually be VERY helpful.
  3. Some of these old topics were interesting. I hate the herd too - when I board, I am on my own, just me and the pow.
  4. There are just so many of them. But what do we call them. "Snowbunny" doesn't seem to suit boardergirls, seems like a skiing thing.
  5. Just revisiting this topic - anyone find any decent new nightlife this season?
  6. Saw a fair few gaijin on the hills in Hakuba over the weekend.
  7. Best : Nozawa Worst : Zao (not because of the place as much as the horrendous weather conditions when we went)
  8. Just wondering how people here are hooked up to the web....still dialing up with a modem or ADSL? I have just got ADSL and so am using the web soooooo much more than I was before. A blessing!
  9. Non-Japanese : Guiness Japanese : Yebisu, great stuff!
  10. Groovy stuff, thank you thank you. Great to be able to see the pics to get a real idea of what it's doing.
  11. I have been in Japan a few years and now living in Saitama (don't laugh).
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