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  1. Here. Here. There was at least 10 of these this morning (You can spot them all cos they have zero replies). I dont like wasting my time on topics of no interest, especially when I am supposed to be working ! (Time to go and read the newspaper after I have checked the SJG). Regarding your 'Problems associated with snowboarding with your trousers worn fashionably low', I did hear a very funny story once about something similar. Its probarly an urban myth, but what the hell. AS I heard the story, it happened in Sweden, where a girl decided to take a leak in the woods. After she had dropped he
  2. After spending the end of last season looking for a place to service my board, and been told that it would not be ready before 12.00 the next day, and since I was not able to find any place in Tokyo that would do it for me I decided I would bite the bullet and give it a try myself. I heard from a canadian friend of mine that it was easy so I went off and bought the gear, and then did the research ! Not too smart I hear you say... Well the board is now serviced, the base waxed and the edges sharp. I just hope I have wrecked my board ! Being the nice guy tht I am I decided that I would
  3. Here is a sentence I found in a Ski & Board tuning Manula which I think describes it all pretty well :- You are now ready to roll, rip, tear, fly, smoke, whatever word you use, it is all about having fun and making friends with gravity
  4. You can find it all right here at SJG. See http://www.skijapanguide.com/2002/resorts/artificial.html
  5. board: Burton bindings: Burton boots: Airwalk (Cost 5,000 yen cos they were so big, the only time in Jpan that it was good to have big feet) goggles: Smith thermals- Not likely (only for BGB's) Glove - North Face. Best Investment I have made to date. By the way how was the drinking session last night ?
  6. Badmigraine, you have certainly made a cold wet miserable morning in Tokyo, a hell of a lot better. I have just read three of your postings, (the one above, The Best Japanese Board Girl I Ever Saw and Which Way Do You Fold It?) They are piss funny to say the least. You certainly have the gift of the gab. Does the guy named "Paddy" happen to be an Irish guy by any chance ? Lets just pray that this rain in Tokyo is falling as snow in the mountains
  7. Barok, Given the choice between Nagano and Sapporo, head for Sapporo. In my opinion its the best city in Japan, and has a really good climate, lots of snow in the winter, and not too hot in the summer,its got some decent bars and not too many foreigners !
  8. Living in Tokyo, Working in Shin Yokohama Snowboarding any place there is snow, a mountain and something to drag me to the top
  9. Teine is quiet close to Sapporo city. Actually its about the closest slope to Sapporo. I used to go there quiet a bit a few years ago. It's got a few intermediate runs but not so many advanced slopes. Tends to get a bit crowded since its so close to Sapporo. As far as I remember you can get a bus from Sapporo station, and it takes about 40-50 minutes
  10. Hey Ivo, Bit confused by your posting ! In the case you describe do you start off in the goofie position ? Have you described how to do a 360 degree turn, and end up back where you started ? I could nt decide when I started snowboarding if I was normal or goofie. I felt comfortable with both, so I went normal. Now I also want to do switch. I was thinking about changing the bindings on my snowboard, and learning to ride goofie from the begining. Is this a decent idea or just a complete waste of time ?
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