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  1. For the IME I use Alt+Capslock changes from hiragana to katakana, then you have to use shift+ capslock to change back. Dumb, since most words normally in katakana are guessed by the IME anyway...
  2. Everythings much closer in Japan and the quantity of snow seems bigger too! So far I've done 40 days since Jan 2nd. Made a spreadsheet to keep track. Towadako Onsen- 1 day Makado Onsen- 1 Day Hakkoda -1 Day (going back between now and may) Naqua Shirakami- 3 Days (maybe one more day this season) Kamafuseyama- 34 Days Great season even if I don't board anymore, but I'll probably get 5-6 more days if I'm lucky! Glad to see I'm not the only one getting some time out there.
  3. I plan on bringing some calorie mates and a bottle of water, extra pair of gloves, and a space blanket, besides my normal gear of a towel, UL Down jacket, screwdriver and camera. Just wasn't sure if I wouldn't be allowed on the gondola without a beacon. Believe me, i definitely WANT one, but given the conditions I normally ride in up here, it's not on my must needs buy list. I'm pretty sure we're just going to ride down the 3 standard courses, as I'm not even sure how confident I'll be in the deep powder my first time, but I'd rather be safe than sorry, Thanks!
  4. You'd do well to save some money buy buying your own edger and looking up a few tutorial videos. 6000 sounds to expensive alone. I think you can pick one up for about 3000. The edgers have angles set in so it's not a very hard job to do. But if you don't have the time or the equipment available, I suppose you could trust them for the job. Sorry I don't know of any places around there though.
  5. Finally got a backup date on going to Hakkoda, which is this Friday. I'm going with a local friend who skis and has been to Hakkoda a few times. Beyond telling me to "dress warm" he didn't include any other gear that may be required. I'm under the impression that I need to have an avi beacon with me when I go out, but I don't remember where I read that. I think they rent them at the base but want to know what to expect before hand. In a perfect world, I'd bring snowshoes and poles among other gear, but I don't think I can get them last minute, and we aren't going to do any off piste my
  6. About the same. Still snowing with forecasted snow for the rest of the week. Got drunk and sick last night so I couldn't make it out of the house today. Going out for at least half the day tomorrow for sure.
  7. Morning! Been a while since I've trolled on here, but only because most of my mornings have been on the mountain bright and early. Still at least one good week left up here in Shimokita, and a few resorts will be open until early may because of their altitude. Going to finish this season strong! But today is a rest day
  8. Busy Busy Busy! That's how the past two weeks have been for me! You'll be happy to know that despite the wicked heat wave we had ( IT WAS 5 ONE DAY!), that most of the snow here survived on the mountain, and with two decent dumps in the past few days, winter still seems to be fighting strong. Taking advantage of the time I had, and the steadily increasing experience, I've been snowboarding just about every day. In the last 14 days, I managed to get on the mountain 8 times, and the last week went every day, although a few of those days were teaching some beginner friends just how to stand u
  9. I have the same thing on my tail that's been there since I took the wrap off. Its a normal manufacturing thing.
  10. It's been about two weeks since an update. I've been doing a little traveling across the prefecture, so haven't really had the time to post anything here. Been to the mountain about 4 times since, and the conditions were great after our heavy two foot of snow dump, but then melted the top layer and became garbage to ride on. Between going boarding often and the amount of snow I had to shovel I got pretty sore starting this last week and haven't made it back to the slopes. This weekend I'll be going to a 雪物語 in 十和田 so there will be some nice pictures of that place and expect a review for To
  11. Got my stickers and flyers today! Thanks so much! Stickerbomb forthcoming.
  12. So Aomori prefecture just got hit hard. We have over 2 feet of snow since this morning with more coming. We left to light snow, but there were already disabled vehicles on the way. I went to Aomori City, stayed until 10pm. Had to clean all this off once we got back to the car. And once I got back into Mutsu I couldnt even make it back home. got the car stuck and had to walk. Plows have been busy all night and will be busy into morning for sure. Great powdery snow, perfect conditions as soon as the weather clears up, I'm heading out to the mountain. Some cars w
  13. Somewhere between 2 and 3. No gear, but took an avi class. The interest is there.
  14. Very sexy! いくらですか? I searched on the reusch website for simillar but couldnt find them, Guess its a different year? Regardless I need to go drop a 1万 or so on gloves here soon, but there is only one pair of those reusch gloves at my local store.
  15. Pics and what was the style you went with? I pulled a derp and put my gloved down on the pot heater at the resort the other day, melted the synthetic backing on the gloves. So i need another pair anyway, hahaha.
  16. Jesus sounds like a rapist now. Thank you so much for the bump.
  17. We finished our snowpocalypse here. Want more, but I'm pretty surprised.
  18. You're gonna go far kid- I could play that song over and over.
  19. Admin disabled it last time we were down from a server DoS attack. David said he didn't have a specific time it would be back when I asked.
  20. Keep getting solid dumps here and the weather stays cold so it's finally accumulating. At least until Monday. Weekend is prime time to get out there.
  21. I can't believe someone brought their corgi skiing. What's the story behind that one?!
  22. Big inside joke to us guys who grew up in the bible belt of the southern united states
  23. One of my fellow Marine buddies sent me that the other day. I was crying I laughed so hard.
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