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  1. There was no option for my vote, as others have noted. I told you my reason, did you not read my post. Stuff going on in Japan. Stuff not going on in other places that I want to go to. The choice is simple. I had not chosen any particular area yet.
  2. I was planning on Japan next winter but I am put those plans off now and will be checking out somewhere else on the list. 'Other places I want to visit just don't have any of this shit going on' fairly sums it up. There's lots of places on my list and I have no existing connection to Japan, so I'll just put the idea on the shelf for now.
  3. I like that one too. Played on the 3DS in a shop yesterday. I might have been using it wrong but it was AWFUL in all but one small sweet spot. I can see it really giving a headache that one.
  4. Funny how they stick them on in times of emergency. Go down the local Work Man or whatever they are called for a choice of nice workman-like colors.
  5. KLM show you the full price from the get-go including all of the added on stuff. I like that.
  6. Not tried it yet but going out this coming weekend. Then I am planning on visiting Japan next winter and hope to get out to the mountains while I am there.
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