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  1. Originally Posted By: Mr Wiggles Its supposed to snow at the weekend and if we get a lot, the bottom part of Tsugaike will be hard work on a snowboard. Its too flat. On skis as well! Actually I'm not keen on Tsugaike - much prefer Happo / 47 / Goryu.
  2. Hi Anyone been to Kusatsu this season yet? I have been once to the town in summer and loved it and the ski-jo looked interesting - the locals promised the snow was top quality over there. Thinking of going in a few weeks. Fairly easy for me being in Saitama.
  3. After living for 3 years in Osaka, I'm now in southern Saitama and working in northern Tokyo. Different scene, and fairly close to Gunma / Niigata and other places so good with me.
  4. Great photos all the time I Love Zao. I'm hoping to get up there next month.
  5. Been skiing for 13 years now Never boarded though I actually wouldn't mind trying. Problem is, it would take some skiing time from me.
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