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  1. Thanks again for all your advice peeps - we fly out in a day, and I've got a severe case of the pre-journey jitters. I've just triple checked all my gear, and have been daydreaming about getting it out in some real snow for the first time. Btw, my missus and I check in to the Phoenix Wing on the 25th Jan - I'm the short dude in all black trying to snowboard, she's the short chick in all pink trying to ski!
  2. Hey folks Goryu and Iimori it is then - thank you very much for your advice! I can't believe how much snow is there - my past boarding experiences have been to Queenstown in NZ, and it just doesn't come close. Hopefully it'll stick around long enough for our arrival!
  3. Hey folks My girl and I are heading to the Hotel Phoenix Wing on the 25th of Jan, for four days of boarding and skiing. We're both relativel noobs - I'm ok on blue runs, while she prefers greens. What's the best resort for us, taking into account our experience level and hotel location? I've heard Hakuba 47 is pretty popular? Cheers!
  4. Will do guys - I always write TripAdvisor reviews on the places we stay, good or bad.
  5. Hmm, so nobody's heard of it? Is it just me, or should the lack of any TripAdvisor reviews be concerning? Oh well, we'll give it a shot and see how we go!
  6. Hey guys My girlie and I are gearing up for our first ever Japan trip, landing in late Jan for 14 days. We're spending 4 nights at Hakuba, so that I can continue my journey of self mauling via snowboards. We've been looking for a nice place to stay, and the Phoenix Wing Chalets look really nice. But I'm quite surprised that after two years of operation, there isn't a single TripAdvisor review (my bible when it comes to selecting accomodation). Anybody know anything about the place?
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