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  1. Good news, thanks for the update, I have a friend in Hakuba aswell, news from the first one but not the second as yet,
  2. Check out the Japan Air pass if you want to fly anywhere, I just saved quite a bit of money on domestic flights that way, they have a set rate for any domestic transfer
  3. I'm in a similar boat except leaving on wednessday, unfortunaley had to delay trip by a few weeks, going to head to Hokkaido for a few weeks with the hope to catch some pow then Nagano/Hakuba way for a few weeks prob round the 24th or 25th, Not sure what to expect as my first trip but am sure it will be great fun all the same Also travelling solo so sing out if yr going to head that way and want some one to mission with,
  4. I understand there has been some more snow recently, any more hopeful shots of the phone box?
  5. Great Pics, Well Done By the looks of it the ski crew are pretty relaxed about hiking out of the field boundary
  6. Hopefully lots more big dumps, not arriving in Japan till end of Feb so hoping for a large snow pack to last well in to spring
  7. Thats good to know, quite a few of the places I have looked at seem to have pretty expensive cancellation policy, and it will be good to be able to plan some what as I go round snow conditions etc, Thanks
  8. Just planning my first trip to Japan and keen to get some feed back on current plans, current thoughts are as follows, arrive end of feb (have allready booked flights), 12 nights Hakuba riding the various fields, Followed by 4 days Nozawa, I am keen to book in a few weekends as I hear that accomodation can get booked out pretty easy so from here I have 4 days free during which time I would like to hop a few resorts on the way up to Hirafu, Then thinking a week at Niseko before heading to Saporro maybe 3 days? and on to Furano for maybe another 3? This would see me in
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