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  1. Welcome bagger, where ever you go you will love it, awesome snow and the most hospitable people you will ever meet in your life. And the food , wow.
  2. Good stuff as usual MP, although I think you should throw some of that excess snow in a coolerbox and send it over to New Zealand, they've been having a bit of a snow drought. Now I know where it is.
  3. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Thoughts on Myoko? I haven't spent that much time there but, hard to explain, but it didn't excite me really. But I am willing to try it more and I'll come over and say "hi" and you can show me around! I will definitely give you a call muikabochi and others. Thanks all for your thoughts. I am back to it being a solo trip so I will be looking for some sliding buddies { I am a skier by the way but happy to head out with boarders as well[ even wait for you on the flats ]. At this stage I will be over there from about Jan 18th subject to chang
  4. Morning all. Just wondered on any thoughts on Myoko. I am planning to spend 3 or 4 weeks there Jan/ Feb 2012. I prefer to stay at one area as I have found it gives me the chance to really learn the resort in all its moods plus get to know locals and local spots. As I understand Myoko is a great powder spot { and its off piste powder I am chasing ]and is made up of 4 primary areas . Is there any other resorts easy day trips away? Any thoughts? PS done the Hokkaido thing.
  5. MP, I have not been over there for years, your best place for that advice is probably the ski.com.au which has a lot of NZers on. As you know employment at any ski area never pays well. I don't know if you have used that site but a few familiar faces frequent it [ Go Native , Texy etc etc ]. I guess work visa is always the first issue to sort. I knew you were referring to 2012, luckily for you as at this stage they are missing out on winterin NZ, the only snow is man made, a real snow drought. PS, ended up buying a pair of AK JJs, can't wait to try them out.
  6. Thanks Sanjo, my daughter has just indicated that she may in fact be able to travel with me , which would be great as she also justs loves Japan and the Japanese people. Can't wait.
  7. Originally Posted By: MitchPee I'm actually really considering doing a July-Sept in NZ next summer. Does anyone have any wise words for where to get a short job like this and where to stay? Also any good ideas on resorts or if you can be close to BC terrain? Thanks guys Hi MP, bit late with this reply but there you go. I am not sure about what work you were thinking about, but as far as where to stay, I reckon you would enjoy Wanaka the most. It is the closest base to Treble Cone and has a really good group of alpine adventurers living there. Great access to some grat heli skiing a
  8. After being fairly certain of going to Canada in 2012 it now looks like I will do a solo trip of 3 to 4 weeks to Myoko and possibly Hakuba region with special interest in Cortina. After a couple of Hokkaido trips I am looking forward to sampling the mainlands delights.
  9. I am hearing you Sand , but I guess then they normally would be saying "leaving the lower 48 for Alaska" No biggey, just made me laugh.
  10. Just watched "Light the Wick" on dvd . Great movie , but I had to laugh. Just before a segment on Alaska, a yankee guy named Sage Cattabriga-Alosa commented , "I'm so excited to be leaving America and heading for Alaska " Poor fella, I wonder if someone should tell Him ?
  11. Gidday Everyone, a beautiful Nth Queensland winters day here , heading for a high of 25c and a cloudless sky. Sure is nice after the dreadful wet season we suffered thru this summer.
  12. That should read, KNOW nothing etc, etc, etc
  13. No nothing about them but thats pretty cool. Luv the red tyres.
  14. Right GN, in Jan I had 206A, I will have to take a look at when I booked last year, may well have been later in the year.
  15. I was considering booking Youtei Tracks at Niseko again next year , but was told no 1 bedrom or suites available for Jan [ at least from mid Jan to the end Jan. ] So that looks like interest is still very high in Hokkaido at least.
  16. My dad started a ski field in NZ when I was about 7yo. During the winter he would live on the mountain and we would spend every weekend and holidays living on the mountain with him. Not the best snow of my life, but certainly the best memories.
  17. Well said David. It's good to hear your thoughts and thanks again for a great site. Always good to have first hand accounts minus the bull.
  18. Thanks again for the great photos and reports. Very sorry to hear about your dad.
  19. Yeah, you may be right TJ. Might be the year to check out Honshu then.
  20. With the Aus dollar so strong against the US and Canadians dollars, it seems a strange stategy. Much as I want to return to Japan it only pushes Nth America's case for a look at again next season. I for one will do the sums. Interesting to see what airfares to Japan do.
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