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  1. Sweet i'm a wiener too Thanks SnowJapan! Now a quick question, as i'm not in Japan until Feb 5 and not in Niseko until Feb 12 should i use the address of the hotel we are staying at in Niseko? Maybe you guys could put Attention to me me arriving 12th February 2012?
  2. Thinking about getting a few of these to pack fleece jumpers and other bulky cold weather gear for my trip in Feb... Anyone used em? Are they worth the effort?
  3. I'm going with the contacts and regular goggles option. Got a new pair of Oakley Ambush with persimmon lens and bought a yellow lens as well...
  4. Eggs from happy birds are expensive everywhere i think Going to be in Tokyo (Shinagawa), Niseko (GreenLeaf Hotel), Kyoto, and Osaka. We'll be eating out mostly but i generally like to have a few supplies handy in the room, especially when skiing. In my experience bottled water, snack bars, soft drinks etc. usually end up being a heap cheaper if you hit the supermarket on the first day instead of buying on mountain But expensive cheese might be a problem, although i did spend $100 on cheese for christmas heh
  5. thanks guys, sounds like it's pretty comparable to Aus
  6. Just looking for a general idea of what some basic things cost as a guide to cost of living? A can of coke for example?
  7. Not sure what they'll be like yet but my brother and i got a pair of these each for our trip in Feb. They are pretty comfy and warm but haven't really had any cold weather to test em out in here in Brisbane http://www.sorel.com/Men%27s-Chesterman%E2%84%A2-Slip/NM1577_S,default,pd.html I got the mud/wham and my brother got the light grey/chilli...
  8. Ah thanks DiGriz i'll just stick with the contacts then, they are just such a pain to put in and there is something inherently wrong with sticking your finger in your eye on purpose while you watch
  9. does anyone use the over glasses style goggles? i wear glasses permanently and have struggled with contacts and normal goggles in the past but went goggle shopping the other day and discovered thry make the over glasses style. i tend to exude a lot of heat from my face and head but i've never skiied in super cold conditions (will be in niseko in feb) and i'm worried about my glasses fogging up inside the goggles...
  10. Rach, three stars is the most that the Michelin Guide award. It's supposed to indicate a complete dining experience worth a special journey to go to. Five star ratings are more for accomodation...
  11. heh, a trip every year would be awesome but i doubt i'll be able to afford it But definitely looking to be in Japan for the Rugby world cup in 2019 at the very least
  12. My brother and i are making our first trip to Japan in Feb 10 nights in Niseko from 12/2/12 Can't wait
  13. Wondering what the policy on selling of stuff is around here?
  14. well i can't view profiles and i can't post an email address (no matter how sneaky i think i am being hehe). Powwwers if you can view my profile i have added a public email address...
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