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  1. Ausi ski bum, I also land in Tokyo on the 21st. Who are you flying with? Maybe we can start the good times on the flight? Pending same flight of course.....I'm on Qantas flight 21 Syd-Nrt departing at 10:05pm I think?
  2. 16 Day's, 12 hours, 34 min & 52 sec to go! Not that I'm counting!
  3. Thanks all for the comments. As I am a boarder and never really had anything to do with skis let alone skis for powder I was unable to help my wife with any helpful information. As my wife is only an intermediate skier and has never gotton right into the technical aspects of it she was starting to stress a little that they wouldn't be any good. So that said, thanks all for the comments. We will try them out for her on piste and when she gets a little more use to the conditions I'll try and get her to go off piste and see how they go. At the worst will hire powder skis. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I'm new so please forgive me if this has been posted before. I did look but couldn't find it. My partner and I are heading to Niseko in Feb 20 for two weeks. She has K2 One Luv skis which are 74mm wide under foot. Will these be ok to use while over there? She is an inter skier and hardly goes off piste unless I push her. This is our first Japan trip only ever boarded/skied over limited powder in New Zealand of about 6". Any comments would be great. Cheers.
  5. Have had to buy some new cloths for Japans conditions as I only own gear for Oz and New Zealand, mostly 5000-5000. All my new gear is 15000-15000 min. Spend around $2200AUD for two people. So all in all not too bad I think.
  6. First Japan trip. Myself and my partner Feb 20 to March 6th. Can't wait!
  7. Hi All, after reading this thread since last year I thought I would finally become a member. I'm off to Niseko in Feb (my first Japan trip) and looking at all of these photo's and reading all of the comments, I am now officially bloody dam excited! This site keeps my working day filled with jealousy. Thanks to all who posted pics and made good reading. Keep it up.
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