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  1. Its safe your gear is safe the food is stunning the people are fantastic the sites are amazing and of oviosly the powder is to die for , just great times and lovely memories every time we visit the worst part about Japan just saving and waiting to get back every year !! .
  2. Yep , Agree Furano isnt Niseko and doubt they really want to be another little aussie world , its a great base to get around with some great nearby hills and a hell of a lot of fun . Agree if your a park Rat or Back County guru Furano may not suit you without some day trips . I think the problem is the back county is like national park area so very restricted on where you can go I could be wrong about that . Guess I was just lucky on my last visit its snowed for 5 days straight really didnt need the premium areas to find great powder .
  3. Kneedeep 10-22 feb Furano /22 feb to 3 march Niseko . Bring it On !!
  4. Nice one guys I have a day trip planned out of furano this year so will report back on the drive out .
  5. I can add some info here for us older dudes I am on my 4th board with the previous ride being a 159 burton uninc which was great but a little to stiff and hard work in the pow for me . Riding is for fun so why make it harder than it needs to be the 159 banana seemed the choice in 2010 . I predominatly ride in Japan Pow and try for 20 to 30 days a year with a rare trip to NZ , being over 40 yep an old dude I am not into rails and big jumps but happy to drop into anything and hike about anywhere for that perfect pow run . I have to say its the best move I have ever made the sales hype
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