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  1. This is funny Rodent muscles in on couple's picture in Canadian park after becoming intrigued by sound of focusing camera
  2. thanks for the feedback, am reading with a huge mug of never-ending coffee. Might have some better questions later
  3. I have one that used to be my fathers. Total 80's style, loud and bad. I'll have to try and get a photo.
  4. I'm kinda new here and just about starting to read up on Japan. This may be a kind of question, but is there a resort that people would generally say is representative of the Japanese experience? Seems Niseko is the most popular, but perhaps mini-Oz, which I'm not saying is a bad thing. Nozawa seems to be generally very popular for that 'Japanese experience'. Any other thoughts. Quality website and forums here by the way, good to find you all.
  5. Aus is quite far from Japan right time wise? Interesting that so many make the trip to Japan. How many hours is the flight to US/Canada ski resorts?
  6. Love it. It often means I'm having a fun time. And I like fun times.
  7. College. Turned into a snowboard instructor in Canada. Just found out about Japan and keen to visit. Good to find y'all.
  8. Originally Posted By: bobby12 - women here are more sexually open (sex is not a big deal) Bad topic, but that particuilar comment is encouraging.
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