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  1. There is a cc course up there - was it looking north from Chuzenji. Will post tomorrow with more on that need to refresh my memory and get the gf to read some kanji for me.
  2. Loved your pictures MikePow. An inspiriation. A modest plan you have there.
  3. Sounds liek a good trip to me, I would really love to get 3 weeks to do a trip. Just not the reality right now. Just 9 days for us this next winter and we're going to plonk ourselves down in one place so using the trains not a car I think. Would be interested to see how your trip planning goes though. You could do all the work and then perhaps next year we could copy.
  4. We went to see them when we were in Nozawa. Fabulous. The kids just loved them and we had to tear them away even after well over an hour.
  5. No, not the first. But last season was our first to Japan hopefully of many.
  6. We love the look of Zao but the fact that it is a bit out on it's own has put us off somewhat. We tried Nagano this past season but looking to Hokkaido for next.
  7. Perhaps a silly question, but would I be right in thinking that the main slopes at Hirafu are facing north east? Thanks anyone!
  8. Nozawa in Nagano was my first last year. We're planning somewhere in Hokkaido next season.
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