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  1. gone BM and anyone else interested, I tried to find out why the PM wasn't working and got that final reply from the moderator...? I don't get it. And it's not like I was looking for info, I was trying to share some I picked up last season. Have a good season dudes, will see you in Niseko and elsewhere I'm sure.
  2. Scary man, karoke....love it! If you in Tokyo, get in touch, we can see if we can top the 27 hrs straight that is my current best effort...
  3. Black Diamond Lodge might suit, quality people, nice pub there and then nightly trips for those that are looking for more in Hirafu etc. And they know the area; Rusutsu, Kurodake...spent 2+weeks there last season and will return. The cover shot for the Dec issue of Powder was shot by a kool crew from Sweden that was there over New Years last year.
  4. left at 9:15, when the band was still sorta getting things sorted out on stage
  5. i'll be at pink cow mate around 8pm, the owner's name is tracy, she'll know where I am
  6. sure or can meet at midori sushi there in ginza...thinking of stopping by...i don't have my mobile with me, it's at home but can certainly be at the pink cow for 7:30-8:00, does that work for you?
  7. i'm up for tonight or tomorrow evening MrSingh, just let me know...unfortunately i left my mobile at home...but if the Pink Cow works for you we can meet there 'round 19:30? If we do tomorrow evening, we get the added benefit of the Half-fast cycling club's monthly get together as well, certain to be good photo presentations etc...
  8. be climbing in ogawayama on Monday, holiday...traffic...probly won't be back til the wee hours of Tuesday morning...will check back here on Tuesday but probably Wed better if I'm up all night driving back in traffic.
  9. early next week? here---> http://www.thepinkcow.com/NewHome_j.htm
  10. ski randonee = skinning and skiing off-piste = skiing not on-piste, patrolled or not excellent! when and where? beers after work somewhere to discuss?
  11. will take you up on that. at the moment, trying to get a second-hand subaru outback bought to be able to get there in prime conditions. cheers!
  12. I'm interested in getting together with back-country enthusiasts to enjoy drink, fondue, raclette and getting something going on a regular basis for weekend trips during the season.
  13. never done the narita-haneda leg of the journey but according to colleagues that have, the bus can be a nightmare due to traffic; but yes, it can be 30 mins faster
  14. Always a pleasure to help friends from the small cheese country Please send me an email and I'll see about helping with all I can. First time to Japan? Why fier and niet drie ?
  15. Narita to Niseko: Narita Aeroport to Haneda Aeroport using Narita Express train into Tokyo Station 60mins; and then local train from there to Haneda 30 mins Haneda Aeroport to Chitose Aeroport, Sapporo, Hokkaido; by plane 90 mins Chitose Aeroport to Hirafu, Niseko by bus 150 mins
  16. Black Diamond, yours is the voice of reason. I put on my Pulse, packed my shovel and probe everyday I was in Niseko last season. I didn't make those I was skiing with train with me and have the same kit like I would in the Alps, where we would spend a few hours over a couple of days practicing all sorts of scenarios at the beginning of the season. I wore it primarily to help if i saw one take place, on or off piste...I'd feel irresponsible if, on the off chance that did happen, and I was there but didn't have my skins to get up the hill, my Pulse and probe to locate the victim, my shovel
  17. srry, Rob and TJ, I guess I can't say that...many apologies to all those who might have read the truly outrageous remarks
  18. ps especially if it helps the Topless Snowboarding Nun make it to these shores!
  19. Ridicule, chastise? No, I was trying to be helpful using the knowledge I have of charting over the last 17 years to those that might not be following the markets every day. I'm paid in yen and don't care where it is but I think it's the range you can expect for Jan next year.
  20. 4 months out, mid Jan, snowing hard Yen/$ range will be 93-87 if that helps. AUDJPY much more dif for me to call having never followed it but am being told by those who do around 82 for mid January.
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