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  1. I don't reckon he'll be able to do it. It will be.is a farce.
  2. Anyone here got an e-book machine/reader/whatever you call them? Friend of mine from the UK has just come over and he has the Sony one and it is pretty cool. Very thin, nice screen, can pack tons of books onto the thing. Haven't seen one here in Japan (though I haven't been looking) but it's a good idea...
  3. Or if you have to wear it to get the beer.
  4. I don't like touchpads but dislike mid keyboard nipples even more. Whichever I'd end up wanting to use a mouse which I do so I'm glad they kept the P so small in that respect.
  5. I don't watch movies, so I don't know. I suspect not! I basically use it for internet/email/Word/Excel.
  6. I can get well over 5+ hours on my Vaio P (I have the L battery). I think the keyboard is also very usable - much much better than some netbooks I've seen out there.
  7. Thats a great flick. I'm looking forward to Terminator: Salvation and since last week have been watching the Terminator movies. 1 and 2 are classics. 3 was fun (like the ending) though not as tense. The new one looks promising.
  8. Anyone use any special kind of ski or snowboard locks when you leave your gear to go for lunch etc?
  9. Spent a few days with it. Sexy little machine it is. Keyboard is plenty big.
  10. I'll let you know how it is - my Vaio P series should be with me in 10 days. (Someone else paying for it)
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