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  1. I am the sun on a rotisserie. Eat me. The cap keeps me cool
  2. Means, "I am sad so I do a double-jointed dance" Very useful.
  3. It was meant as a ludicrous extension of an earlier comment which I thought quite good but fell largely ignored: why is it ok to 'murder' people in games, and 'raping' people is not ok? Also thought the topic needed a bit of animal cruelty and bestiality. Was only trying to spice it up, nice and tasty.
  4. Hadn't given it much thought, and OK, you would not buy (at any price), but if you had one to SELL, what would you ask for it? This is not to rip anyone off, but a price that someone, somewhere, would be happy to pay.
  5. Mario also jumps on turtles in a "suggestive" sort of way. Completely unreported by the western media. how have they gotten away with this for so long, and for so many sequels?
  6. Well maybe I can still work with this. 0 yen is poised to hit 40,000 anytime now. I can rest easy.
  7. Oh come on, at least say one yen. That way i can at least hope for the yen to hit, like, 1 yen for 40,000 pounds. At zero, you give me no hope, its a mathematics thing.
  8. I've got a place in Yuzawa I don't use. How do you reckon would be a good way or place to try and sell it?
  9. Maybe complimentary hot dogs instead of a pass might be a go at Slappo?
  10. Dammit, was going to go HIKING in Hakuba this weekend. Still possible to drive around the village easily?
  11. Originally Posted By: keba Rental cars are fitted with them, but you need an active account. Supposedly you can arrange with the car rental outfit to activate them, but no first hand experience.
  12. Originally Posted By: tsondaboy You should be able to get a second hand one for 10 - 20000 yen at a surf shop on the beach. You can get some really good deals on boards on the Internet as well. It seems I am not allowed to post links, so you'll just have to hunt around (though best sites are in Japanese so you'll need to make friends).
  13. You'll want to go to Costco. Forget model numbers. You can get Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, Snow White toothbrushes. Selection is extensive!
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