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Yes definitely. The most powerful nation on Earth elects a leader who declares war on half the world on the grounds that "Saddam Hussein tried to kill my daddy".


Now the American Christian prejudice filth is emerging.




Look daddy, he's wearing the wrong hat! The guys in the stetsons are on our side. Shoot anyone in a funny hat.


It's Vietnam all over again. An unwinnable war with all dead slopeheads/ragheads counted as enemies. Count me an enemy too.

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Harold Wilson was a slime, but he had the nous to recognise a colonial war when he saw one, and the spine to stand up to Kennedy and say no.


In the late 1960's, the used to carry reports from Vietnam nightly. 300 Vietcong killed one day. 560 dead slopeheads the next. America was winning the war. The head count was basically the number of dead Vietnamese.


This is what the enemy look like. Notice that the burning girl carries neither a Bible, nor a Cross. Clearly, she is not a Christian, and therefore a Communist (read Muslim).




The guy on the left is a Christian. (He may actually be a Buddhist, but he's murduring a Commie). In the heat of the moment, he forgot to put on his white hat, but that's OK.






Here is the trick question for Americans.


Is this person:




A) Christian

B) Muslim

C) Commie


Here's the simple answer for simple people. White hats are good, black hats are bad.

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Didn't the UK not enter the Vietnam war because of lessons learned from the Korean War?


Religion is such a pain in the ass, why do all believers take it upon themselves force their beliefs on all non-believers?

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No. France had spent a decade (or more) getting its arse kicked by the Viet Minh. Britain was coming to the end of a long process of de-colonialisation. Blind Freddie could see that it was another colonial war, and at the time it was Labour policy to get out rather than go in.

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