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The Swan - if you grew up in that area, you should be a Liverpool fan ;\)


Good performance from Liverpool last night, looks like that 4th place is ours.

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yeah - its a shame cos it ruins the big match on saturday, but still im just glad to be through.


Now we can see how the Owen thing works out. I think he pretty much has to sign a new contract now, after what he has said. If he doesn't that will look very very very bad.

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He filed a case to the EU under workers' rights saying that his club had no right to stop him working for someone else if he wasn't under contract. Out of contract players are now free agents. This means players who refuse to sign can walk away from their clubs when their contract is up.


By their own recent standards, Newcastle have been poor all year, so missing out on the CL, or possibly Europe altogether, is no more than the team deserves. It's not as if they've had to face lots of clubs with better resources. I think the ultimate losers are the public though, because a three-horse Premiership is not good for football.


1 Arsenal 37 25 12 0 71 25 46 87


4 Liverpool 37 16 11 10 54 36 18 59


20 Leeds United 37 8 9 20 40 78 -38 33


In points terms, fourth is closer to last than first. There's talk of money coming into Liverpool, and if it evens things up even just a little, it has to be good.

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Folks - don't forget to cancel those Premier Live subscriptions for 3 months if you want to save 4500 yen!


3 horse race is better than 2 horse race though.


Man Utd have been crappy all year too by their standards. The trophy'll be back home next year though ;\)

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Thanks for reminding me.


It's going to be interesting to see who ends up buying our beloved club. Hmm. Not sure what to think of all this right now.

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When a ballhandler intentionally passes the ball through a defenders legs, then the defender has been "nutmegged".




How to Nutmeg a Defender in Soccer

Going through the defender with a nutmeg move alleviates the problem of trying to go around the defender.



1. Control the ball before the defender gets within two strides of you.


2. Determine which foot the defender has her weight on. Defenders are taught not to stand flat-footed, with their planted foot slightly ahead of their other foot.


3. Push the ball to the outside of the defender's planted foot.


4. Keep contact with the ball as you push it no more than 6 to 12 inches.


5. Allow the defender to shift her weight to her back foot while moving her front foot to block you from scooting around her.


6. Redirect the ball toward the spot where the defender's front foot was previously.


7. Tap the ball between the defender's legs.


8. Step around the defender and continue on.


9. Listen for cheers of "nutmeg" from your teammates on the sideline.




The trick is to get the defender off-balance.


A defender becomes more vulnerable the more times she has to shift her weight.


Because it's embarrassing to be nutmegged, defenders are quick to stop you from pulling it off.



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Not only am I cancelling my football subscription, but I am selling my whole sky kit! I've had enough of it. Im gonna have my final 3 months here without TV and see if I dont go crazy.

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Good to end the season on a high clap.gif - before we begin to reclaim the Premier League next season. Great night out - packed bar, lots of great people. I can hardly remember much of it, but I do remember it was fun.

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So. Houllier's gone. Anxiously awaiting interview with Gerrard and Owen....


Rumour has it, Ferguson over in Manc is interested in his (Houllier) services.

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I'm hoping for Martin O'Neill to come in. That would be amazing. Failing that one the guys who were recently sacked from Valencia/Real Madrid would be acceptable, but I cant see them doing anything big. I think O'Neill is the only one that could really turn it around bigstyle.


Another guy I like is David O'Leary, I wouldnt mind if he came on board.

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(and good riddens too - scouser) wave.gif wave.gif


By Martin Lipton, Chief Football Writer



EMILE HESKEY revealed his insecurities last night as he admitted his happiest footballing days were playing in a Leicester Sunday league team.


Heskey has seen Wayne Rooney take his place as Michael Owen's England strike partner, although Sven Goran Eriksson has retained his faith in Birmingham's new 」6million forward.


But after being accused by his critics for years of lacking the courage of his own convictions, Heskey owned up to the doubts that plague his mind.


In a candid insight into what can eat away at a player, even one on 」50,000 per week, Heskey conceded that he only really felt genuine confidence in himself when his dreams of making it at the highest level were still only hopes.


The man capped 40 times by England suggested that he was still overcome by the pressures of performing on the biggest stages.


And Heskey even admitted that he has a store of videos of his best performances he is unable to bring himself to watch.


Heskey, 26, said: "I can still remember the advice from my first Sunday League manager, Pete Quincy.


"He came and played with me at Leicester in the youth team. He had confidence in me. He just told me to go out and enjoy myself.


"It's different in professional football. At the highest level the slightest little thing can make the difference between winning and losing and the TV cameras are on you to expose your mistakes."


Those cameras have witnessed some of the highs and lows for Heskey for club and country.


Yet even the highs, such as his goal on that unforgettable night in Munich in September 2001, his World Cup strike to finish off Denmark and his outstanding first half against Brazil in Shizuoka are reflections of Heskey's lack of self-belief.


Heskey added: "I'm a very harsh critic of myself. I take it very personally when I have a bad game - I find it hard to get to sleep.


"But I never watch videos of my own performances. Not even the 5-1 victory over Germany.


"There's lots of them in a cupboard, including plenty of Liverpool ones. I've never watched one of them, nor has anyone else. Maybe I'll watch them when I'm older.


"I certainly haven't been able to watch the Brazil game. It was a nice game to play in, they are the sort of side you want to judge yourself against.


"Going ahead we thought we had it. It still haunts me a bit, I can't help thinking, 'what if'?"


Certainly his recent departure from Liverpool to St Andrews was not accompanied by howls of Anfield anguish but for Heskey it is a clean start.


"It's always nice to have a fresh challenge," he said. "It came to a stage at Liverpool where I felt I needed to move on to get going again. I'm very much a confidence player. Hopefully a new move and a new start can bring that back.


"I was at my most confident in my first two seasons at Liverpool. Obviously after that it wasn't so good and I had my ups and downs - too many really."


Now, though, Heskey is eager to perform at Euro 2004 although he admits that facing Thierry Henry in England's opening game is a daunting prospect. He added: "Thierry Henry is probably the best striker in the world. We talk when we play each other and he's a nice man.


"When you've got pace to burn like him it makes it easy to do other things and he's got a good touch as well. He doesn't score many headers but I'm sure he could if he wanted to. He doesn't seem to like scoring tap-ins."

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i didnt even know he had gone. i heard the rumblings but must have been away the few days when he actually went.


i cant say i really give a damn, though I dunno who will fill that holding role in his place.

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