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And what about the credit crunch thursday?

People will scowl at the extravagence. wink

How much are those in the shops over there btw?

Current lowest on kakaku is 47490.


I can't really justify something like that, I hardly ever use flash anyway and the one on the camera seems to do the trick.


I may well be missing out though on a whole new photo world, need to study more.

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justfication? interesting concept. If I went by justification I'd be without a DSLR. (not good enough to justify one)lol


But the D700 really is good. I set it on ISO6400 and it just looks great. Throws out the concept of high ISO noise. Very impressive.

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my widest is 24. Going 16 would be like almost a fisheye and with VR (vibration reduction, mechanical lens adjustment on the fly) means smaller aperture, thus deeper depth of field (more things in background in focus) And lighter.


Muika, full frame calls. Your D300 will make it 1.5 times 16, which is 24. You already have that range covered.

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