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When I ride on my bigger board,(the burton SM 181) my riding angles are about 9degrees rear and 21 degrees front. This season I`ll be riding it aswell as the burton BMC 168 and want do relearn switch. So I want to know what angles I should set them at ? I`m really looking forward to be able to

per-fect riding natural and switch.

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hello powpow,

if you feel confortable with your stance just leve it like this!!!

the problem about fakie or switch riding is that you almost have to learn snowboarding from the begining again.

just start on a little steeper slope. (you should allready know how difficult it is to ride, even forward, on a flat way with low speed)

so go to an "easy to ride for you" slope and stand still.

when you are ready to start (fall) give your wight on the back feet (what is now your front feet, cause you are riding backwards) and turn your head and shoulders in the direction of the turn.

(especially on the backside turn is that a shitty feeling cause you can't turn your body as much as when you rinding forward.)

your board will now follow your body.

now is the hardest part of the turn, cause your bord get a little faster. many beginner get now in panic, loose control and take the textil emergency break.

so just keep cool and hold your shoulders in the turns direction and the wight on your front feet! (wich is usually your back feet, but, cause you riding switch, your front feet)

after you finished the turn give your wight a little on the back feet and go a little in the knees, so your board will slide and stop the rest of the turn!


*turn your body gently, if you turn too slow, your board will stay too long in the direct fall line of the hill and you will be faster as you wish!


*try it first with the short board, if you try it with your long one, is it much more possible that the edge of your board will hang in the snow and that will be pain in the ass!


hope to help ya! and i hope someone understood the back and front foot thing...

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Hey Ivo,

Bit confused by your posting ! In the case you describe do you start off in the goofie position ? Have you described how to do a 360 degree turn, and end up back where you started ?


I could nt decide when I started snowboarding if I was normal or goofie. I felt comfortable with both, so I went normal.

Now I also want to do switch. I was thinking about changing the bindings on my snowboard, and learning to ride goofie from the begining. Is this a decent idea or just a complete waste of time ?

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ok, just leave the finger from change the binding position! especially from goofy to regular or otherways!

or have you ever saw someone change the position after the landing of a 180.....??


i edited my last post, you should be able now, to see wich feet i mean!


the turn is just one simply turn, so if the hill was on your backside it is now on your front.




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I`d hadn`t tried the duck foot stance but have thought about it. I was thinking more like 10deg + and -. , so that initially I`m learning snowboarding all over again. I`ll be trying switch on the beginer slopes at the bottom of Niseko until I get the hang of it.

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gotta say to those learning switch -

don't do it on a beginner slope,

it's way too slow, and easy to lose

control and balance.


try it on a freshly groomed intermediate

slope. faster = easier to control and turn.

if you can find the cordurouy, your in

switch-learning heaven.


as for the angles, it's yer back foot

(riding switch or regular) that

provides most of your torque, so the

closer it is to zero, the easier your

turns will be.


I've never ridden duckfoot. It seems

to me that you would lose alot of power

? ? ?



Ben Rok


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i dunno, you might lose a little power in duck foot, depends on the angles,

+21 front and -6 is good for starters.

i like duckfoot cuz it reduces the effective boot length so i dont have to ride a wide ass heavy board with my size-11 feet.

my board is 252mm in the waist,

i dont wanna ride a beefy thing with a 265mm waist.


i mosdefinately agree with barok, a groomed intermediate slope,


keep your momentum up

and just exaggerate the movements of normal riding,

thats the key,

ya know, like:

flex up and down heaps, (so you get a nice quick direct edge change)

use your new front knee to steer with,

lots of torsion from the feet,

ya know?


if you exagerrate them ^ with plenty of momentum,

you wont catch edges like many ppl do when learning switch






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Change your bindings, and ride opposite for a week, even getting on the lift etc. just keep your shoulders parallel to downhill, and you'll kill switch when you turn your bindings back. Practice straight lining switch, spinnning etc.

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Originally posted by Stevecdn:
Change your bindings, and ride opposite for a week,

just don't do so!!!!!

if you understood the technique of riding forward and use the same technique for one week riding switch, after that week you will ride better swich as when you turn your bindings to the opposite side for one week and turn them again to the usual position!!

to the duckfoot thing, if it is the real ultimat best stance you could get on your board, why rides just a minority of the pro boarders in the whole world such a style???
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Duck burned out last year so,I gave up on it.


Why not go a generic 15/0, that should give you a solid stance switch or otherwise.


The hardest part is taking off your boots and reversing your socks, but I'm getting better at it...

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what are we following some sort of fashion ?....!



on the topic of stance, i think its all up to the individual,

....plus the higher the back of the bindings the better,

stiffish, tallish boots,

wideish duckfootish stance,

happy attitude,

...and it saul goooooood



about changing your bindings,

i say definately dont do it, (unless you rock angles more alpine than front28 and back10....)

otherwise just follow my advise earlier,

torsion, flexion and extension baby

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Originally posted by Don:
what are we following some sort of fashion ?....!

sounds crazy, but is true!!!
think about 5 years ago, baseless binding's where the hype! nowerdays, palmer snowboards try to sell additional baseplates to stand higher....
also with the stance, a few years ago, everyone rides 0/0 then the angels changed to 25/15 another year everyone tried duckstance...
i think highest factor about fashion in such important things is, wich team, brand or rider is "in" at the moment.
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0/0 angles?!?! i'd like to see that!


ive been snow boarding for....4 seasons

getting about 15-20 days a season.

so maybe i havent had time to catch up with these fashions, plus I been in NZ so we kinda isolated....lol

i just ride whatever feels right (for stance etc etc)



in the way of teams? i think its a forum invasion, but i dunno,

just from their vids, "technical difficulties" "the resistance" "true life"

damn, they are good riders.


so Ivo, what kind of riding do you do?,


i mean some alpine rider on a 180cm board wouldnt give a @@@@ about peter line doing switch backside 900's....

i guess im saying that only freestyle riders really follow teams, and brands.


if im wrong tho, educate me.

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i'm freestyle oriantate freerider (but i use to say soulboarder!) pauda is my first choice then a good park or a steep groomed slope!

i really like to carve too!


ok it's true, at the moment is a forum hype (especially in japan(wach out the 10000 sticker boards)), they really ride sick things (and some of them ride duckstance....)


alpine boarders also following hypes, think about asymetrical and directional shaped boards...

they are also intrested in new things but i think more in technical things like diffrent flex zones on a snowboard.

and i also think that alpine riders potencional use more money each year for equipment.


about the 0/0 thing, a friend of mine use to ride with those angels and she is really hardcore! she carves with this stance! unbelievable

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yeah ride duck if you want to f@ck your knees/


I ride anything from 15-21 on front and 0 to -6 on back. Depending on if we're just hardcorely menacing or riding park or rails.


I only started riding switch this year. All you have to do is be committed. Like don't do it for 1 run. If the snow is shitty, do it all day/ It's the way to go. I just started off side slipping, zig zagging, side to side, then started making turns.



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I think if I decide to ride duck foot 9+ - 9- it will make me position myself more square and have my weight centered to the board which will be a good thing. Taking it easy and not rushing turns will be the challenge especially with Powder-crazed on the slope riding powpow all day. Practice and committment , concentration. Will it happen. It wont happen over night, but it will happen. Concentrating will be hard, thinking of pow all day. A good zone to practice will be the top parrott single chair at Niseko. A good slope, soft pow to fall over in, and there will be falls , groomed but steeper than front valley.Hope all goes well. tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif

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As LMNOP says, duck stance is a good way to kill knees if you fall. There was quite a discussion on the AU sno info board about duck stance - the majority of us concluded that it was a bad idea.


I ride 21 front 6 rear, and am getting better at riding switch/fakie.

A good exercise that I do is to do really quickly linked 180 turns.

I ride natural, so the turns go like this:

natural heelside 180 (puts you riding switch), switch toeside 180, natural heelside 180, switch toeside 180. That gives you an anti-clockwise spin.

To do a clockwise spin the turns go like this:

natural toeside 180, switch heelside 180,natural toeside 180, switch heelside 180.

I can link up to about 10 turns (5 rotations)each way - but you end up pretty dizzy.


Doing these has taught me a lot about turn control and helps with riding fakie.

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yea, good way to learn switch,


but how will duckfoot kill your knees?

i dont necessarily disagree with you,

i just wanna reason before i quit my angles,

maybe, you could gimme the link to the discussion you talked of.

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here is a quote from the thread:

"duck stance is considered fairly dangerous as in a big fall the knees travel in different directions and can tear ligaments. "

The general thing seemed to be that if you fall with both feet facing the same direction, then it is not dissimilar to kneeling down. To see the difference, try kneeling with your knees bent slightly to one side, then try with your knees bent in opposite directions. Then imagine if you stack at a good pace.


Here is the thread that that quote came from "http://forum.ski.com.au/scripts/ultimatebboard/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=6&t=001639". I'm sure that there was another thread, but couldn't find it.

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if you can't duck it f*** it


i was playin' around with my angles

this past weekend, and to anyone who

hasn't tried duckfoot, i say give it

a go.


i went 20, -15


it is great for switch, you

lose almost no power, and it's just

kinda fun to ride such weird angles.

i dropped a 40 meter cliff, both

successfully and unsuccessfully and

my knees didn't blow, in fact they

feel fine.


i'm going to play around with this

stance for awhile. i don't think

it'll be a permanent thing, but it's

kind of nice to get the benefits it

bestows in the repetoire. bottom line

is, you can freestyle easier.

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