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Site updates 2022: INTRODUCTION

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SnowJapan 2022 explained:

After we decided to completely re-make SnowJapan in 2020, we initially spent a few months just thinking things through and carefully considering what was important for the site. 

The previous major version of the site was launched in 2013. It had served us very well for the best part of ten years, but it was showing its age in some respects. 

One major problem was that the old site was not 'mobile-friendly'. So we knew that making the new SnowJapan mobile-friendly was essential.

Since 2013 we had added new content and functionality to the site every year. As a result, our content had become increasingly fragmented. The content was in many different sections, and navigation was complicated. We knew that we wanted to consolidate everything and make navigation and the site's structure more straightforward. 

There were also some design and presentation issues with some modern browsers that could not be fixed with simple adjustments.

Basically, the foundation code was becoming old, and the structure was increasingly restricting.

Starting with a fresh, clean slate and the luxury (but hard work) of clean coding, we also knew that we wanted a new look. In addition to new design elements and graphics, we wanted the presentation of our information to be wider, clearer and cleaner than before.

Working on all those elements at the same time was a big challenge and it took a long time. And while it was certainly stressful at times, we are very pleased with the result and are excited at the prospect of working with it and further developing it over the coming years.

Ultimately, we felt the need to make the new SnowJapan how we wanted it to be. It was, of course, important to consider various feedback from over the years. But the most important thing was to create something that we thought was right and true to the SnowJapan concept. 

Hopefully, you like what we have done and will approve of the path we have chosen moving forward.  :friend:


The new site is essentially the main core content of the old site plus a whole bunch of new content, presented in new packaging.

Please read the new guides below even if you are now used to the new site. In them, we try and explain things and point out new stuff and answer some questions.

There is a lot of new content to be found - you may discover things that you have missed...

>> Read guide

SKI AREAS (individual ski area pages)
>> Read guide

>> Read guide

>> Read guide

>> Read guide

We are now busy working on a few different things, including various adjustments and updates.

Over the coming months and years we intend to use our new platform to further deep dive into more detailed content.

We're having fun doing it - and that's what keeps us going! 

Thanks for reading.

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