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Site updates 2022: DAILY REPORTS section explained

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SnowJapan 2022 explained:


The daily reports, archive reports and data previously published on SnowJapan are also featured on the new site. Nothing has been dropped, and a lot has been added with many modifications and additions. As with the entire website, our daily reports are now mobile-friendly, featuring a new look and structure that we believe are significant improvements. Outside of those major changes, here is an explanation of the information presented within the section:

Individual Now daily report sections
Example: Niseko Now

From feedback over the years, many people told us how they thought that some of the data presented on the individual report pages was overly-complicated and confusing… and we agreed. So, when we were planning for the new site, we thought about how to best show as much data as possible, cleanly and pleasingly. As a result, there are a few significant changes to how and where the data appears. It’s all there, though, none of it has disappeared!

Latest report

The report itself! UNCHANGED
The main part of the daily reports themselves remains unchanged. All archive reports also remain unchanged. Our reporters do precisely the same thing they have always been doing. On the latest daily report for each region, the snowfall data from the latest 7 days, the latest 14 days, the current month and the season so far remains in place. In addition, links from the previous seven reports (and snowfall on those dates) are also shown. Links to the previous and next report are also present on each page. And also the (now larger) photographs.

Chart showing the daily observed snowfall at base NEW
Previously, we presented a simple chart showing the snowfall on each of the last 21 days. On the new site a chart shows the complete season - until the date of each individual report. In the default view, the amount of snowfall each day is shown. Each data point is tagged with the date and the amount of snowfall on that day. The data can also be switched to show the total accumulated snowfall on each day of the current season. The total snowfall number is displayed in that accumulated snowfall view at each data point.

Annual archives NEW
At the bottom of each report, there are links to archive reports for all seasons covered on SnowJapan (see Seasonal archives below).

Archive reports MODIFIED
Each individual archive report shows a similar graph to that shown in the latest report. It displays the snowfall data for each day up until the date of the report. This graph can also be toggled to show daily snowfall or accumulated snowfall.

Snowfall analysis
Most of the data on the Snowfall analysis pages was also shown on the old site. The new site brings that data into a much wider canvas featuring a more pleasing layout and additional functionality.

Links to each season archive page NEW
In many of the tables on the page, the season names (e.g. 2021-2022) are linked to go directly to the relevant Seasonal archive page.

Links to each report NEW
Each snowfall number is linked to the relevant archived report on the monthly tables in the lower part of the page.

Seasonal archives
These individual season data pages are new this year. Each season gets its own page and includes the following:

Data table NEW
This table introduces various data, including the number of days when snowfall was reported, the most observed snowfall in one day and how many days it snowed each month. 

Daily observed snowfall at base NEW
This chart is the same as displayed in the latest daily reports (see above).

Season calendar NEW
A calendar shows which days there were reports and how much snow was reported in each report. Each is linked to the individual report. (There’s also some colour coding going on – see if you can work it out!)

Snow depth data
We previously introduced snowfall data for just one ski area on one chart. This has been expanded for the new site with the following:

Individual season charts NEW
Each season is now shown on an individual chart as well as together on one chart.

Change the ski area data set NEW
You can now change the data set to show data for any ski areas in the respective region (where available) using the drop-down menu near the top of the page.

Graph functionality
On the top table, you can toggle on/off any of the seasons to directly compare and on all of the charts, you can drag a section to zoom in.


This page introduces useful and interesting region-specific Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) resources, including links to current snow depth and snowfall maps. Some pages also introduce specific town information. All links go to the JMA official website. The JMA is an agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


Our daily reports are 100% independent, and the integrity of our reports is of utmost importance to us. We want to be as transparent as possible about them. If you read our daily reports, please read this page to learn more.


Question answered:

Wasn't there a page on the old site where I could directly compare statistics from different Now reports?

Yes, there was a page that listed data from the different Now reports. It was not highlighted within the site in the last few years for the reasons below. Site usage statistics showed us that many people did not use the page.

We do not have a similar page on the new site because we do not think it is a good idea for us to make such direct comparisons.

Please read this for more on why we think that.

You can, of course, easily compare numbers yourself with a few clicks - the data is all there!




We have more than doubled the number of webcams/images/feeds that we are introducing and split the section into three regions – Northern, Central and Western Japan. All links will be checked at least once a week throughout the winter season, and more will be added. For more information, read this.



Snow depth table
This table displays official snow depth data for ski areas around Japan. It is updated daily throughout the main Japanese winter season. Updates usually begin around mid-December).

Sorting NEW
You can sort the list by snow depth, change in snow depth, ski area name, town name and prefecture name.

Note: we are aware that as of 26th May 2022, the time stamp is still updating with old information which may cause confusion. It is a technical issue and will be fixed soon.



Reports calendar
This page shows the current (or most recent) season with links to all daily reports posted on SnowJapan.



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