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Site updates 2022: Webcams

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SnowJapan 2022 explained:


On the new website we made some significant changes to the Webcams area of the site. Previously, all of the links were presented on one rather busy page. Some were links to pages within SnowJapan; some were links to outside SnowJapan. And (for various reasons) we were not able to make regular updates. Unfortunately, it had become rather outdated.

On the new site, all that has changed with what we believe are many improvements. Here are the main changes:

More than double the number of webcams

As we were putting the new section together, we spent time to try and find as many interesting and relevant images/videos/feeds as possible from across Japan. On the new site we are presenting well over double the number of images that we were on the old page. That includes many new live video feeds. We plan to add more as we find them in the future.

Northern, central and western Japan listings

Due to the increasingly large number of links, we decided to split the section up into three main areas - northern, central and western Japan.


All links now go to outside website

Every link now goes directly to the webcam online or an official page presenting the data. (For those interested in such things: what goes on these pages is entirely at our discretion - it is not a form of promotion or advertising).

Regular updates throughout the winter season

During the winter months all the links are checked at least once a week, and updated as necessary. This is because sometimes the links change, especially for the more modern youtube-style video feeds. SnowJapan does not control any of these images and feeds, of course, but we can keep an eye on them for you and adjust as necessary. And that is what we will do. We even plan to check them outside of the winter season from time to time.


Mobile friendly

The webcam listing pages can now easily be viewed on mobile devices. This is, of course, a site-wide improvement.


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