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Site updates 2022: INDIVIDUAL SKI AREAS PAGES explained

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SnowJapan 2022 explained:


Please see this guide for information on the other pages within the SKI AREA section.

This page explains the content of the individual ski area pages on the site:

Example: GALA Yuzawa

Each ski area listing on SnowJapan consists of up to 9 separate pages. On larger screens, the links appear as tabs. On smaller screens, they appear as a drop-down menu.

Three of the links are available for every ski area in Japan - Basics, Location and Weather. The other tabs only appear when relevant information is available.

** This tab/link appears for all ski areas

Basic data and information UNCHANGED / UPDATED
The core information that we present about ski areas remains generally unchanged, though, for many ski areas, it has been significantly updated since last year. Over the coming months and years, we intend to go even further in-depth, with checks and updates being made throughout the year. 

Planned season dates NEW
In May 2022, we added the actual season dates for the 2021-2022 season and the planned general opening dates for the 2022-2023 season. This data will be updated every year in May (with detailed opening dates added in the autumn months when they are confirmed). More information here.

Official snow depth 
The daily official snow depth data (where available) will only appear on the page during the winter season.

Map showing location NEW
These original maps at the top of each page show the general location of ski areas.

Link to an introduction to the Prefecture NEW
Near the top of each page is a link to our introduction to the prefecture. That page includes information, maps and links to each ski area.

Google Earth image showing ski lifts NEW
These new images show the ski area, as seen on Google Earth. These images have been created manually. For almost all ski areas in Japan, we have added the position of ski lifts on the image. The idea is to get a feel for the actual layout of the ski area. We will be checking and updating these images every year to take into account improved imaging and changes in ski lifts.

Official course map NEW
Where available and with permission, official course maps are also displayed. 


** This tab/link only appears when a Spotlight page is available


** This tab/link appears for all ski areas
These individual season data pages are new this year. Each season gets its own page and includes the following:

Google map MODIFIED
The map is now much larger.

Google Street View NEW
We have added at least one interactive Google Street View image for each ski area. For many ski areas, we introduce two images. These have been manually prepared to try and give the best idea of what a ski area looks like. Some ski areas in remote locations do not have images close by - in those cases, we have tried to get as close as possible, for example, on approach roads. We will check and adjust these images every year.

Other ski areas nearby MODIFIED
This list shows the ski areas within 50km (by road). This information has been prepared manually.


Daily report
** This tab/link only appears when a relevant Now daily report section is available
In the above case, the latest Yuzawa Now report is displayed. There is also a link to the Yuzawa Now section on SnowJapan.


Snow data
** This tab/link only appears when relevant data is available

Individual season charts NEW
Each season is now shown on an individual chart and together on one chart.

Graph functionality
On the top table, you can toggle on/off any of the seasons to directly compare and on all of the charts, you can drag a section to zoom in.

Monthly data tables NEW
The official snow depth for each date is shown in the tables.

** This tab/link appears for all ski areas
This page introduces useful and interesting region-specific Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) resources, including links to current snow depth and snowfall maps. Some pages also introduce specific town information. All links go to the JMA official website. The JMA is an agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


** This tab/link appears when there is one or more relevant ski area review on SnowJapan
This page introduces any ski area reviews for the ski area on SnowJapan, as written over the years by our readers. The latest ones are shown first, and you can continually scroll down to read more.
If you are looking for reviews of all ski areas, you can easily find them on the main Reviews page.
At the moment, it is not possible to add new Reviews. We are working on a new members area that will allow new Reviews. More news on that in the coming months.


** This tab/link appears when there is one or more relevant photo on SnowJapan
This page introduces any photos of the ski area on SnowJapan, as posted over the years by our readers. The latest ones are shown first, and you can continually stroll down to view more.
If you are looking for photos of all ski areas, you can easily find them on the main Photos page.
At the moment it is not possible to post new Photos. We are working on a new members area that will allow new Photos. More news on that in the coming months.

** This tab/link appears when there is one or more relevant listing on SnowJapan
All accommodation, spotlights, lessons and jobs available listings will appear on this page. The content is the same as in the main Listings section, but filtered to only listings in the same region as the ski area.


Question answered:

Where has Route Finder gone?
We did not have time to implement the Route Finder functionality for the launch of the new site. We do plan to re-introduce some Route Finder functionality in the near future. 


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