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Advice on Niigata, Sado Island and Fuji Rock?

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Back up in Hokkaido now after a very long trip home via bike, train and ferry.


Few photos:


Sado Island



Sado really is an amazing place to cycle



Sunset on the west coast of Sado



Steep hills and tough cycling through Niigata towards Yuzawa



Wild camp near Tsunan



The highlight of the trip



Luxury resort facilities



Pure gnar



Heading out of Yuzawa towards Naeba



View down to the festival site at Naeba



Main stage



All in all, an excellent week seeing a new part of Japan. The festival was great, some really good bands, lots of beers and not much sleep. And of course, we saw the mighty Mt Granview.

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Did you hike Mt Granview?


To be honest, I'm afraid we didn't tackle it. I was realistic about my mountaineering abilities and thought it wise not to take the risk. We just had a quick drink stop and a look around the impressive base area.


We were pretty knackered after some long days cycling, and knew we had an onsen hotel waiting for us just up the road in Yuzawa!


Was there much snow left up on the peaks?


Not much that we saw, just a few patches here and there.

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How heavy were the bike packs?



Not sure exactly how much our kit weighed. We carried everything for camping, cooking, wearing etc so we were lugging a fair amount of stuff. It definitely made the bikes handle differently, but you get used to it after a few km. Hard work going up hill!

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Sorry I missed this thread MagSeven. I went camping and did a bit of cycling on Sado four summers ago and really enjoyed it, so I'm glad it all worked out well in the end. :thumbsup: Am also glad to see that you made it to the Big G though not sure that qualifies you for Club Granview status, as you didn't grace the hallowed slopes. It's a bit like when my plane landed at Sao Paulo en route to Buenos Aires. I had to stay on the plane while the Brazil-bound passengers disembarked, so I never touched Brazilian soil and therefore can't add Brazil to the list of countries I've visited! ;)

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Thanks Mick. Yeah, I fully accept that I'm not a Club Granview member. I'm just happy that I had a chance to see the mythical place with my own eyes, if only from the base. Maybe in a few years, when I'm really ready, I'll ascend to the summit and claim my spot on the select list of SJ members who have actually conquered Mt Granview.

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