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The FOOTBALL Thread (2014-2015)

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Louis van Gaal may not sign any more new players after being impressed with Manchester United's pre-season form.


Oh dear.

Is the man on a mission to prove he can improve a bunch of average players.

Or is it all a smokescreen.

The latter PLEASE.

I simply can't believe that he believes we don't have gaping (or barely covered) holes.


Almost makes me want RM to rip us another new bottom today.

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Bloody hell, Young scores twice and again actually looks like maybe a half decent player.

Surely not.

I'm very vexed about all that.



But seriously, Cleverly and Valencia, get the hell outta here.


Otherwise a decent run of games. We look and play totally different from Moyes shipwreck.

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Liverpool NOT doing a Spurs.




Still, season starts in about 3 weeks - exciting!


Less than a week to the Charity Shield and a fortnight to the season proper. Wahey!


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United are still pondering, thinking about, thinking about preparing, and considering to do some preparations to prepare some bids.

They may even get roun to preparing to submit some bids sometime.

Maybe about 20 minutes before the deadline closes.




( :grandpa: )

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