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Dropped my daughter off at the ski jo today I got to work sucks big time as it snowed around 50cm.


Anyone else get some decent snow?


Will take more pics this afternoon and post latet.


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We had 15 plus of snap-the-tree cement at our place, but there was close to 40cm higher up at Sanosaka. I thought it was a bit heavy when I tried to ski it (badly), but it felt pretty good and was coming up nicely once I switched to my board. There were still patches of untouched when I came home. Of the ten people on the pow course, nine were doing some kind of mogul camp and spent most of their day digging out a narrow stretch of bumps.


Some lighter stuff was drifting down, so it should be pretty good tomorrow.

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Ok just added some photos of Kiyosato in my area of the snow we got last night!



Outside sun meadows after some of the road was bulldozed



Outside sun meadows


On the road near Kiyosato village


A heavy load (On the road near Kiyosato village


On the road near Sun meadows


On the road near Sun Meadows


Snow wall here higher than my car


My car in snow up to the door (About 40cm deep here)


Tracks left by car

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Yes a lot more than Fujimi and Yuzawa. The last two to three years Kiyosato and also Kobuchisawa where I am have been getting more and more snow.

Although this year so far where I live has been fairly dry at the moment. Mainly freezing level has been higher than usual for this time of year. So Kiyosato being much higher has been getting heavy snow even when other places have had rain.


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