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need advice -> honeymoon in Cairns

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Hello everyone and it's been a while since I checked in Snow Japan.

I got married a while ago and we now finally have time to go on our honeymoon :friend:


Destination is Cairns and I need your advice.



Thursday night, catch a plane from Kansai to Cairns and

Friday check in just relax and more relax and perhaps have nice dinner.

Saturday and Sunday, dive and sleep on a boat.

Monday rent a motorcycle go visit somewhere and Tuesday we must fly back.

Such short honeymoon but would love to enjoy to the fullest!


We are thinking of skydiving in somewhere and visiting Kuranda or some rainforest.


What to see and where to explore, eat, and perhaps buy nice coffee

as well as some recommended accomodation,

any of your reply will be highly appreciated.



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Ewok (and child bride) - congratulations, at 81 you are being quite brave, ne?


Anyhow, you could do worse than a day trip to Green Island. It's a bit out on the reef, has glass bottom boats and a "sub-marine" observatory where you can watch the fishies.

Kuranda is a nice spot, the falls should be good with al the rain they've had recently, and the train to Kuranda would be a spectacular ride through the rainforest.


As for accommodation, I'd be taking a look at trip advisor. They have 72 places listed for Cairns, and some goodish ones are down the list, so the top rated ones should be either horrendously expensive OR extremely good value (cannot tell which without checking them all out). I have good references for the Mercure, as I know slightly, a person who worked there until recently. But you need to decide according to what you prefer.

Not sure about motorcycle rentals, worth checking, though. You'll also HAVE to have a helmet each. Might be easier to rent a moke - open side "mini jeep" style vehicle.


Enjoy your stay!

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haha, grungy-gonads you still have the save avatar and same signature. thank you desu winter vacation and ja. i personally wanted to go somewhere like zanzibar tanzania or silfra iceland but it is simply too far. some meetings cannot be missed and cairns is practical i guess.

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walkers chips in uk, lay's in states, calbee jagariko salad in jp,

and in oz it is smiths and i am planning to buy some.

"madura" tea's on ze list for my friends and colleagues ( ´∀`)


im not gathering much info here 凹

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OR ... try some "Red Rock" chips - they are more adventurous than Smithies!


I just had some Lime and Black Pepper chips from Red Rock. Yuummmooooo!


Madura tea is grown and processed in Oz, but the most important thing to be doing in Cairns is to chow down on a heap of seafood!

Bugs, Prawns, and all sorts of fishy species! crumbed, not battered (the batter is an abomination imported from the Poms to hide the fact that the fish they get is so fatty it is inedible!)

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my hubby is ze lobster man. everyday's a lobster day for him up in main where we spent our vacation last summer. while he likes cooked lobster, we might try some raw prawn.


"jurlique" products requests by my sisters, i need to find them.

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Kuranda is great cable car up train down nice resort up there (frogs are pretty loud)

Nice waterfalls around the place and a drive up to one of the national parks rain forrests in Port Douglas.

I wouldn't worry about doing the reef nothing flash really and 2-3 hours sniffing deisel fumes on a boat sucks.

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