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An other TR from my summer vacations and again on an island.

Tanegashima is a small island outside Kagoshima in Kyushu. Its not that famous as a sightseeing spot as the neighboring island of Yakushima but more known for the JAXA facilities and also as one of the surfing Meccas in Japan. In fact a big portion of the population are surfers that relocated down there from Tokyo/Osaka and other major cities, just like our hosts the Thunderpants. friend

I convinced tsondagirl to avoid Okinawa this year too and accepted an offer from Thunderpants to spend our summer holidays with them. I want to say a big thx for the hospitality and for hooking us up with surfboards and showing us around to the best surfing spots. thumbsup


We where there for 8 nights and in that time we made a complete circle around the island. I think our favorite part is the southern part of it, where we spent most of our time.

If you ever make it there, it worths the trouble to take the tour of the JAXA facilities. Its free but you need to make a reservation in advance.



pick of a Japanese H2A rocket on display outside the JAXA museum.



and the inside of it in one of the storehouses



tsonda @ the launch pad.


The best part of the trip was surfing. We were lucky enough to arrive a few days after a typhoon so there were great waves almost every day. The most scenic place we surfed was on the beach infront of the JAXA facilities seen on the top pic, but unfortunately we have no picks from that day. In fact we were too busy surfing that we hardly took any surfing pics.

I had to force myself and tsondagirl on the last day to take some pics so that we have some surfing pics from what was mainly a surfing trip. razz



thunderpants dropping in



tsonda checking the waves



the only time tsondagirl took the camera out to take my pic, you know a wipe out when you see it... razz





misses thunderpants dropping in party



and the couple surfing together.

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We also devoted some time to go around the island too and check some other nice spots.



at the Chikura caves



the waterfalls in the center of the island






our seakayak guide teaching us how to walk on the water... shifty



catching a wave out. smile



is it a bird??? is it a plane??? its TSONDABOY!!! biggrin razz


and some more pics here:


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Nice. thumbsup clap Brings back memories. We went about 12 years ago on golden week. Camped the whole time in several spots around the island right out on the beaches, usually the only people there. groovy

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Nice pics.. Water looks nice and clean down there.

Funny thing is, looking at the whole set up, the waves still looks the same small gutless slop that I've come to expect from Japanese beaches. Good for long boarders though wink

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It was great 2p, we had a whole week of sunshine. The people were ultra friendly and unlike Tokyo they actually say good morning on the street even if the don't know you. Nice relaxed place, I might return next year if Thunderpants is still around. wink

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