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Crikey. They're coming in faster than I can tabulate them!. Can't get the last batch to work.


:); smile

:friend;: friend

;); wink

:D; biggrin

:happyshades;: happyshades

:sjcool;: sjcool

:(; sadcool

:sadface;: sadface

:eyes;: eyes

:angry;: angry

:confused;: confused

:lol;: lol

:wave;: wave

:clap;: clap

:omg;: omg

roll; rolleyes

:p; razz

:shifty;: shifty

:wakaranai;: wakaranai

:thumbsup;: thumbsup

:thumbsdown;: thumbsdown

:veryshocked;: veryshocked

:banner;: banner

:dance;: dance

:yummy;: yummy

:evilgrin;: evilgrin

:coolmirrors;: coolmirrors

:ashamed;: ashamed

:groovy;: groovy

:violin;: violin

:party;: party

:kiss;: kiss

:cheers;: cheers

:naughty;: naughty

:yawn;: yawn

:veryangry;: veryangry

:rollabout;: rollabout

:grandpa;: grandpa

:stir;: stir

:slap;: slap

:hijack;: hijack

:spam;: spam

:lies;: lies

:newhere;: newhere

:coolpics;: coolpics

:welcome;: welcome

:offtopic;: offtopic

:typing;: typing

:oops;: oops

:worship;: worship

:bow;: bow

:grr;: :grr:

:mad;: :mad:

:cool;: :cool:

:smiley;: :smiley:

:frown;: :frown:

:blush;: :blush:

:crazy;: :crazy:

:laugh;: :laugh:

:o; :o

:/; :/

:questionconfused;: :questionconfused:

:grin;: :grin:

:winking;: :winking:

:cry;: :cry:

:sick;: :sick:

:sleep;: :sleep:

:tired;: :tired:

:whistle;: :whistle:

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want to see smilies? here are smilies!




p.s. soubs there is probably a limit to how many you can have in one post, thats why they dont work.




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