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TR: Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

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No waves down here. I'm in full house reno mode anyway so just as well. Soon to be in full surf mode, though not the best season coming up.


I used to scoff at the whole package deal surf set up when I was younger, now it's a different story. More money less time. Package deal sounds great.

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photo time.... things have definitely quietened down here. waves are smaller and less people around. it all feels very laidback and a nice change from rushing around looking for the biggest/heaviest/whateverest waves we can get. now we're just kicking back and happy to be sharing fun waves with just a few people out.

not many pics to share, but here's a couple from the last group of guests. one of the bigger sessions we had. check the old school dunlop volleys in the bottom pic





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I don't care if I have booties or not. In fact better off wearing them where I am for getting in or out.


Reefs like Ulu's or G0Land they are a must but if you have boat access (like spooky does) then it's pozzible to go without..


Volleys, thats just nuts!

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got another 10 days here. still good waves, just at the fun spots. got so many tubes yesterday it was ridiculous and there's very very few people around.

wet season is well and truly here. lots of ran and wind, but we are still getting calm conditions andsunny skies about 50% of the time.

there is a tasty swell hitting just before we leave,so hopinh to score something proper epic (like rifles) with no one around. fingers crossed


you boys getting waves?

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Originally Posted By: spook

you boys getting waves?

None at all my friend! Spring has kicked in truly this season.
My grom is reaping the benefits of the small stuff..

The only love for me are the might big lizards we are getting from the river!
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hey crew

sorry, been a bit slow with the updates lately. we're now into december and things have slowed right down. mostly getting fun waves, and the best bit is there's pretty much no one around at the moment, so we're always surfing by ourselvs. very nice.

a guest caught a small mackeral last night and we all ate that for lunch today. damn, that is a tasty fresh fish.

anyway, a stonking swell marched in yesterday and we surfed some pretty chunky stuff. got a couple of big tubes (i was freaking as i pulled in to em) and bailed under a couple of legit 8ft sets. i'll post some photos of that session in a few days, but for now check out some more mellow pics from last week







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Thanks Spook. Always look forward to your updates. Are you heading to j-land soon?


I've never been to Indo in the off season. Sounds like you can score if your lucky ay?


Indo- how are you catching the lizards? Plastics? We catch the little ones by the hundreds out here in about 30 meters. Catch 20, throw 19 back.

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off season indo... winds in this part are strong and we are getting a bit of rain, but if a swell hits you'll be surfing classy waves by yourself. or it could go flat for 3 weeks and you'll be going crazy with boredom. it's a bit like that

i leave the islands on sunday and the aves will be good til then. the week after that looks pretty dismal, so we got lucky with this last swell

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phew... just got back to oz a few days ago. bit of a mission gettin home, but it's nice being back in oz for the summer. this year we spent pretty much 9 months straight on the island. we only left the island twice - once for 2 nights to sort things out with the immigration department, and once for a 12 day holiday in java.

so after living on a remote tropical island all year, it's a bit weird being back in the first world. things are clean. and orderly. and most bizarrely, people seem to bustle around with a purpose, rather than just lounge around like i'm used to. i know australia has a much better standard of living than indonesia, but there are already many things i miss about that place.

we scored some very very good waves over the past few weeks in the mentawais. i reckon i caught one of my biggest waves all year and pulled into a couple big pits.

anyway, photos below:




this was a super fun surf. probably the best i have surfed this point, and definitely the best right hand point wave i've had the pleasure of surfing. the wave would just draw down the line. unlimited speed and you could just trust that this long wall would hold





not telling where this one is...



a couple of our crew. two of the strongest and hardest men i know, and also the sweetest and most gentle blokes you'll ever meet



some of the guests. i just like this pic



this is on the bg afternoon. it doesn't look as big as it felt. and it felt freaking huge. i was bricking it as i pulled in and it threw out huge. didn't come out though. bugger












back in perth now and it is flaaaaaat. thinking of a pathetic grovel at scarborough tomorrow just for something to do, and because i need some exercise

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went for a swim at cott today. i thought the water was freezing. everyone else thought it was hot...

the air is different here - it's a lot drier than indonesia. the heat will have a different feel to it too. i'll be working and sweating on the weekend

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Welcome home mate. What an experience you and Spookette have had.

I've never spent that long in Indo but I can the imagine the adjustments your up against. Are you hooking into ice cream, T bones, milkshakes ect?

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welcome back to reality mate!

I know what you are going through. At least you are coming back to summer, try coming back in the middle of winter!!!

Waves are shiat here too..


That long right point reminds me of a place close by.....

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