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TR: Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

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Nah, we were at Pitstops mate. But we're good mates with the Wavepark crew. I'll send ya a PM.


And Mantas - I seem to remembe ryou asking somewhere about a week trip to the Ments for next year? For what it's worth I reckon it's a pretty short time frame. Travel is still a pain so you're not really maximising your time out there for all the hassle you'll go through. But it can be done.

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Yeah, a week was all I could get. I'm thinking west Java or even Panaitan Island.

Pretty heavy breaks out there though. One palm can peel you like an orange. a mate of mine did a trip there and they had special suit made up to surf it.

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I was never that interested in Panaitan because it sounds so heavy, but Npalms and Illusions sound spretty good. And apocalypse looks nuts.

Jeez, they give the waves friendly sounding names huh?

You surfed there Indo?

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Spook, we did a trip up there around Panaitan.

I was actually meant to go do a stint on "Just Dreaming" as a guide but the guy sold his boat just before the season started. We surfed it at about 3-6ft a few times abd it was as hairy as hell. Wore a wetty every surf, even almost went the helmet! Illusions was a good wave but more wet season winds needed (I think...)


Mantas, I've done Sumba a few times, one place I would love to get back to. Only problem is that if you go to the cheaper surf camps you are pretty much only in front of one wave.. Too much distance between breaks unless you have a boat. Nembrala is a good right if there is a solid swell and there are heaaaaps of waves by boat. God's is fickle & fast hard on ya backhand but not sure if you can stay up the top at the chiefs anymore (See the Drifter) as a wank from the states has built a resort and costs around $500us a night and he will go all out trying to keep you out of the water (thanks to having all the locals in the back pocket).

An Aussie called David has a resort down the south eastern part on land and another on a nearby island. He is a mad fisho so if no surf heaps of fishing to do! Would be a good pace to check out.


I have a month next year in Bali, am thinking of nicking off for a week somewhere and thinking of Sumba or Sumbawa (Scars or Lakeys)..

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God's? Are you talking about Nihwatu? The long left also sometimes called Occys left. Looks like a filthy wave.


I'm booked for the 22nd June. I have one week before I meet the family in Bali. Then I have 3 weeks with them. I have a whole year to plan my week of freedom.


Big southerly groundswell hitting here on Friday. They are talking 10 foot plus!

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Yeah, Gods, Occy's same place. My bro is staying at the resort for his honeymoon, but I couldn't give that guy my money, not for all the shit he tried on us.


Got the big boards out here too mantas.

Should kick in tomorrow arvo but was filling in a bit. The point might be the only option but getting out there at 10 ft and getting around the sweep might be the biggest problem! I am thinking about north of here for session at a protected corner.


froth on!

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Hey Fellas


We just got back from a trip out to WavePark Resort in the Mentawais. After a couple of months away, I was frothing to get back and surf some proper waves again. It was also great to come back after having had a break, and to come back as a guest, rather than be working.

Jeeez, the islands are stunning. Beautiful and isolated. It really is a special place. As a surfer, we are very lucky to visit some of these remote areas. It's something that very few people get to see.

Wave wise, we scored bulk swell, but also copped some serious weather. the storms were about as intense and non-stop as I've seen up there. As a guide, I would probably rate the trip as one of the worst of the season (weather wise). And yet, we still got waves every single day. The surf is so consistent up there it's ridiculous.

On the big days the winds didn't really cooperate. It was either surf something solid and wonky or small and clean. I went for the solid and wonky option. Wasn't pretty but some monster drops.

OK, enough of that. Time for some pics:






one of my favourite shots from the trip





playing around...







wonky hideaways heaving



mangroves round the back of the island








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Awesome Spook!


Looks like some solid ones there. When they look solid in the photos, you know it will look much bigger when your out there. Your right about seeing things that the average tourist/backpacker misses out on. I was thinking that when I was in Sumatra. I was amazed that I didn't see one single tourist or backbacker in the 2 weeks I was there. As it's not really that remote.


BTW. I think I'm gunna go to G=Land next year.

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A mate of mine was there in June and said the crowd was not too bad. 30-40 guys, less on bigger days. I know that sounds like a lot, but i've been there with 30 guys and it's not a problem.

Spook, have you ever been to Bali? lol

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Actually, going there next year for a mate's 30th. Couple of days at some fancy villa in Seminyak.

Was hoping there'd be some fun beachies nearby somewhere. Nothing epic, but close enough to duck off for a quick surf in the morning type of thing. It's gonna be a reunion for a bunch of crew so I'd rather hang with them than chase waves all morning, but it's always good to sneak a wave in. Any tips?

But yeah, Bali sounds busy these days. Even the expat crew I know there moan about it constantly. I went there about 10 years ago with some mates. We were young and clueless, but I remember surfing big Ulus by ourselves for a few days. Low tide Racetracks was probably the first time I ever surfed a real wave. That feeling of speed and section after section was unbelievable!

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Low tide and a decent swell (+2.5m) Ku de ta works well... Diana Pura is good at mid-high... down a bit (towards Canguu) is Brawa that works well at mid. In Legion, Padma can also work well. Of those Ku de ta is my favourite but it's a bit more fickle than the others and sometimes won't be breaking when the other will...

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Originally Posted By: spook
What are the beachies straight out at Seminyak like? Surfable for a hungover cleansing session, or just straighthanders?

Depends on the bank. Usually bigger on the beaches of Padma- legian & beyond. So many pros and resident expats now and Euro's galore that it would have to be a shitfight!

But then again, may be less than the point!
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