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Funny or not? (Let's introducing comedy)

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bill bailey and ricky gervais are the best British stand up comedians at the mo (i recon).


For stupid humour Al Murray is pretty good:




Al Murray: "any aussys here today?"

Noise from crowd suggesting yes there indeed are some Aussys.

Al Murray: "returning to the scene of the crime eh?"

"so are you from queens-land"

Aussy: "na im from Perth"

Al Murray: "Its all the queens land - whats your national anthem again? Sing it!!"

"she has two birthdays cos she is better than you mate"


Stupid but quite funny

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Are you serious?


I love him stand up, I saw the first gig of his new tour (FAME) - incidently the fastest selling sell out comedy tour in history - in glasgow last year and it was literally the funniest thing i have ever seen. I was in pain.


I understand, alot of people dont seem to get him because he can often come across obnoxious, but he is a genius. I think when you start to watch gervais you might have to watch the stand up a couple of times if you are not used to his style.


I think if you like the office, you will like the stand up, give it another chance:)

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