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A snowboarder (male, 34, Tokyo) has suffered serious condition

after losing his way in Neseko WeissHorn (outbound) ski area.

His friend asked rescue on Dec 25 4:35pm, two hours after the

missing. The resort had ten and some snowers enjoying snowing

under good weather condition.

Rescue started from Dec 26 7:00am by 80 people, and found the

snowboarder fall down in cold stream (Ioh river) at 9:10am,

500m west of Hutte Weiss Horn. He was hospitalized soon by heli,

but is in coma.




Info.: Niseko WeissHorn ski resort is an unique one which services

catski operation (no lift) where it is getting popular among BC

favorite snowers. Note that Hutte Weiss Horn is a BED only lodge

since 2007/2008 season.



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If the odds of finding him alive are small and the conditions are difficult then it is a tough call as to whether you want to send in the rescuers at night in a storm and endanger them as well. Probably not the call the family would have wanted to hear obviously. Do we have any more news from the victim? Did he pull through in the end?

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