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Completely off topic - Completely bonkers

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Good interview with Keano in the Observer today.


He keeps it cool for the most part, and even gives begruding praise to Alan Shearer for winding him enough to throw a punch and so get himself sent off.


You can see the classic photo of Shearer dodging the blow here




However, at the end of the interview, the subject turns to McCarthy and Keano loses his blob. It's well entertaining. For the record, he denies his classic, anatomically dubious "you can stick it your b*ll*cks" comment.


Two Ireland players (three if you include the hated Kilbane in the stands) are at Sunderland, so the torch paper was there for yesterday's game. I listened to the game via the Sunderland website and things started going downhill for Manure when Beckham lost his rag earlier in the game. McAteer started winding Keano up and making writing gestures, and then Sunderland got their goal, so conditions were ripe for Keano losing it again. As ever, he duly obliged. Great value, the man.


Great Jacko story, btw

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