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  1. Originally Posted By: Go Native There is sort of a house number or at least lot number but yep no street name. Cheers, there is a lesson in itself! Originally Posted By: thursday GN, he's staying at a mate's house. Must be one of your gaijin crew, collect beers please. Definately foreigners!? Whats up with the Beer Collection? GP
  2. Originally Posted By: Captain Stag 5-20 mins drive to get to lifts Depends on where in Kutchan you are staying as to distance to food/drinks most likely short walking distance ski shop there is worth a look, also supermarkets there unlike Hirafu OK sweet, thanks CS... Whats up with the Supermarkets? Originally Posted By: Go Native I assume you'll have a car if you are staying in Kutchan? What is the name of the place you are staying at? Kutchan is a pretty small town and just about everything is within walking distance but really depends on where your accomm is.
  3. Hi there, Me and a few buddies are heading over for three weeks late JAN/FEB 08. We are going to be based at a place in Kutchan. Can anyone let me know the following: 1. How far do we have to go to get on the first chair/gondola? 2. When finshed for the day; how far do we have to go for general ammenities, food and beer? (in Kutchan) I think that is the basics covered, if I have missed anything can you guys let me know... Cheers...
  4. Yep they rock... *ah post one out of the way! GP
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