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  1. Heard some less than stellar general reports but seems some people had a cracker in Niseko. Nice read that, looking forward to getting back there.
  2. Actually, I missed out due to not being there! I will be back though, going back in October.
  3. Actually, Hilary Clinton is asking Bush to not attend the opening ceremony. There are a fair few countries already that are boycotting that. Any players boycotting yet?
  4. Definitely. More than a few of my snowboarding friends have had some close calls. Actually, how far away from the snow are you there Mamabear?
  5. Actually, don't critisize them, I'm sure they "did their best"
  6. Quote: One baggage handler said it was "a shambles the moment the doors opened". Actually, it is quite difficult to believe that it could all go so wrong. I'm sure it is all very complex, but isn't this their business? What a joke.
  7. Sounds very nice. Actually, have you got some good wine to go with it?
  8. Quote: By last night just one of the terminal's 18 passenger lifts was working and the chaos - officially described as "teething problems" - will continue today. 17 passenger lifts broken on the first day?
  9. Thanks! Actually, I'll report that to the BBC now.
  10. Actually, I worked in a local newsagent when I was a student - weekends and a few mornings. Also did some bar work. I was knackered but it brought in a few $$ and supported my beer funds.
  11. If it is around 10 degrees and the sun is out, about how many cm of snow do you reckon will actually melt in a day. Must be a fair few I suppose.
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