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  1. Was just on the news some area in Hokkaido got 5cm of snow with another 10cm forecast for tonight.
  2. Quite heavy rain when I went to bed, and it is a strong wind out now, but otherwise ok, the sun is out. Nice to have a sound proof house, as we could not here the rain or wind. Will be a nice day once the wind stops.
  3. If you look at the temps for Kofu you will see that although Kofu is much lower than Yamanakako Kofu is actually colder at the moment. Here the temps have also risen, currently 12oC, but still cooler than other parts of Yamanashi. The typhoon is sucking in warmer air to the more southern areas of Yamanashi than the north western area where I am. Altitude today/tonight makes no difference to temps rather location does.
  4. Lol @ GN. I dont give a toss what you are looking at, here it is 9oC. This area of Yamanashi is colder than Yamanakako today, which is probably where you are looking at.
  5. It is actually 9oC here NOT 13 and a cold wind so it feels much colder than it is.
  6. Rain and wind but neither are too bad at the moment, let's see what happens tonight. Its bloody cold out though. Got the heater on in the car.
  7. Bloody wind has arrived, quite strong gusts already although just drizzle at the moment.
  8. Bloody youth of today, they all need their heads banging together to knock some sense into them. Why do people need to be like that? Saying that things havent really changed a lot from when I were young their were plenty of wasters around then, just that now everyone has mobile phones to be able to film these planks doing stupid things.
  9. I spoke too soon it has indeed started raining quite heavy now, and it is cold out.
  10. Just started to rain here lightly at the moment.
  11. Freezing level should really drop off from Tuesday onwards so a chance of snow down to lower levels around Hokkaido.
  12. Pie your the one who has not. I have been talking about the prefecture name Yamanashi 山梨 I am not talking about Japanese pears which is written as なし.
  13. May be you should look at a map of Japan and see how Yamanashi is written, you will find that two kanjis are used 山梨. It is not written using kanji and hiragana or katakana. It maybe written in all katakana as a lable but never half and half unless you are 5 years old.
  14. Was quite a fresh start, down to 5oC here last night, and mostly cloudy at the moment. Looks like this typhoon may hit us more full on tomorrow, not good.
  15. Yeah like the others said Yuzawa, loads of resorts, way more than you will be able to ski in 3 days.
  16. In Tokyo all day today, feels like summer in Kobuchisawa here, just a t-shirt required, and I used aircon in the car. Everything still green here. When I left my house it was cold.
  17. That 's cool. Then I reckon you got no worries mate with that set up.
  18. If he has enough lift on the caravan then maybe less of a problem. He may have it matched up to suit his car, just I was told a standard caravan had problems of too much stress breaking the frames. Hopefully that is not the case here.
  19. Veey nice. One thing to be aware of, which I have been told by my father which he was told by people from his caravaning club, is that big 4WD cars sometimes break the 'A' frame on the caravan, because the ride height is much higher than a normal road car plus the suspension is also much stiffer, as a result the 'A' frame suffers from a lot more vibration and overload causing them to snap. Not from my experience just relaying what I have been told.
  20. This approaching typhoon is going to suck as we might be more in its direct path this time and it is supposed to be travelling much slower so more damage time. As long as it does not destroy my autumn crops or my greenhouse.
  21. Cloudy this morning and not much else, but supposed to be sunny for most of today.
  22. Well Yamanashi written as 山梨 does mean mountain pear, but actually very few pears are grown here. Lots of grapes and peaches in Kofu, Enzan areas and surrounds with minami alps area being famous for cherries. Here in my area though there are no grapes or peaches grown, too cold for them. No cherries either.
  23. I took my test at a test / license centre not a driving school, I did not have lessons. Pretty simple to understand that I reckon.
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